Season 3 – Welcome to the Future

Greetings Riders, We can only imagine what technological wonders we will have in over 100 years, but Trials Rising Season 3, Welcome to the Future, has imagined that future for you.


Ranked Multiplayer Season 3

Season 3 brings new opportunities to climb the Ranked Multiplayer Leaderboards and earn some new limited-time rewards. Climbing each division will earn you different pieces of gear for the Golden Cyborg Outfit which will be awarded at the end of the season. Will you brave the challengers of the future and obtain the full gold outfit?


New Content

This season will see the introduction of the Crawler, this new 4-wheel-drive bike will allow you to explore and tackle tracks in a new way. The Crawler will be available to play on many of the Trials Rising tracks throughout singleplayer and multiplayer from September 26th.


Season 3 will also bring a wealth of new customization items for your rider and bike. These new items will be released regularly throughout the season including two new rider outfits, the Cyborg and the Space Suit. The outfits will also be accompanied by two new bikes skins, the Robo skin for the Mantis and the Space Rover skin for the Rhino. In addition to these outfits and skins we will also be bringing you three futuristic style headlights and 10 new themed helmet accessories.

That’s not all! Once your rider has been kitted out for the future, you’re going to need some fresh animations and poses. Season 3 will bring a variety of new moves including:

  • Five new loading poses
  • Five new victory animations
  • Two new lose animations

Select the one the best suits your rider’s personality.


Additionally, Trials Rising will be receiving two new track packs. First up is Back to the Fusion track pack inspired by Trials Fusion. This track pack will include five brand new levels and will be available to purchase in-game on November 7th for 35 Acorns:

  • Statcoulomb - Easy
  • Observatory Ridge - Medium
  • Fusion Factory 2.0 - Medium
  • Neon Crash - Medium
  • Light Runner – Extreme


The Medieval Faire track pack will also release during Season 3 on November 21st. This track pack will also be available for 35 Acorns and will also include 5 new tracks:

  • Groundhog Training – Easy
  • Groundhog Again – Medium
  • Groundhog Forever – Extreme
  • Feudal Fun – Easy
  • Faire Play – Medium

Halloween Event


That about wraps things up, let us know what you think about all the content coming to Season 3 on our official channels including the forums, Facebook and Twitter. We are always grateful for your feedback as it helps us to continue improving the overall Trials experience.

Now, it’s time improve on those personal best times, Riders! We’ll see you on the leaderboards.