25 August 2023

New editions? More information!

Hello, Riders!

The cat is out of the bag; we are preparing new editions of Riders Republic for our skateboard release.
If you are curious about their contents, here are the deets:

[RR] News - New Editions Additional Info - Picture_In_Text_NewEditions

Standard Edition: The base game including the original sports, such as mountain bikes, skis, and snowboards. You also get to explore iconic North American parks on the Riders Republic map in free roam!

Skate Edition: The base game and the Skate add-on. This includes skateboarding and its career, giving you access to new tricks, events, stunts, sponsors, cosmetics, and gear!

360 Edition: The base game and the Skate Plus Pack.

Complete Edition: The base game, the Skate Plus Pack, and the Year 1 Pass, for those who want to full Riders Republic experience, including the BMX and Skate add-ons.

Regarding the Skate Plus Pack, it will also be available as a stand-alone purchase on September 27, as we want to ensure that we meet player expectations.
This pack will include the hoverboard, the Ultimate Ridge Pack, the skateboard and a shiny outfit!

This doesn't change the skateboard's release date, slated for September 27. For new players who purchase the 360 Edition or the Complete Edition, access will be granted to content already available, such as the hoverboard and the Ultimate Ridge Pack.

NOTE: The skateboard will be available at the start of Season 8, September 27 local time (subject to change).

Oh, and mark your calendar for September 26! Fresh out of maintenance, the new area and Replay mode will be open to all, free! We're hyped to invite you to The Deck Skateboard Festival and see all the rad stuff you'll pull off when you let your creativity run wild. Get ready to soar to new heights!


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