5 March, 2024

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FOR HONOR – Year 8 Visions Trailer Recap

Greeting Warriors! "For Honor's Year 8 Forged In War" is kicking off very soon, with Y8S1 on March 14th.

We released our Year 8 Vision Video to show you what we have in storefor Year 8. We did keep some surprises to be revealed later. Here is a recap of what we shared today.

[FH] News - Year 8 Visions - Roadmap

Year 8 Forged In War Narrative Theme

In Heathmoor, a hero's most valuable possession is their weapon. A hero's weapon defines them. It reflects who they are. They use them to forge their destinies...

For Honor's Year 8, Forged in War, is the year of weapons and their influence over us. Each season in Year 8 will focus on a legendary weapon, and we will tell the tale of how this weapon forged the destiny of its wielder and thosearound them.

Each season will also focus on a specific factionas follow:

  • Y8S1: Knights
  • Y8S2: Samurai
  • Y8S3: Vikings
  • In Y8S4 we will be exploring a new Outlander culture coming to Heathmoor.

Legacy Pass

In Year 8, each season will also include an all-new Battle Pass with fresh content never-before seen on Heathmoor's battlefields.

Released alongside each new Battle Pass will be the Legacy Pass. The Legacy Pass brings back passes from previous seasons, starting with the Year 4 Battle Passes. A tier 101 has been added which retrofits Battle Pass content for heroes released since then.

Players who previously didn't have access to this awesome content can now purchase the Legacy Pass for their chance at unlocking legacy content. If you previously purchased the Battle Pass the first time around, it will automatically be unlocked for you as a Legacy Pass. Better yet, your progress will be saved, and you can continue where you left off.

For more information on the Legacy Pass, check out the FAQ here .

Converted Maps

Converted maps are another new feature coming to For Honor. Converted Maps take maps from one game mode and convert them to be playable in another game mode. With somany players requesting more map variety for the Dominion game mode, we are pleased to announce that Year 8 will have two maps being converted for the Dominion game mode.

The first Converted Map will be released in the second halfof Y8S1, with a second map coming by the end of the year.

New Heroes

In Year 8, we will release two new gender-lockedheroes in the second halves of Y8S2 and Y8S4, continuing the same alternating body type release pattern.

In the second half of Y8S2, players can expect a new gender-locked Samurai hero.

In the second half of Y8S4, players can expect a new gender-locked Outlander hero.

Hero Skins

Players can expect at least one Hero Skin with an additional Hero Skin coming in the second half of Y8S1.

The Hero Skin release schedule is as follows:

  • Y8S1: two Hero Skins for the Knights faction. One in each half.
  • Y8S2: one Hero Skin at the launch of the season.
  • Y8S3: one Hero Skin in the second half of the season.
  • Y8S4: one hero Skin at the launch of the season.

Stay tuned for some other Hero Skin related surprises!

Core Experience

Year 8 will continue our ongoing efforts in system improvements. Our aim is to continue to ensure that For Honor's core experience is fun, engaging, and fair for all players. Spearheading this effort as always is the player-praised Testing Grounds. Testing Ground's aim is to test potential changes to the core experience of For Honor. Players are given the opportunity to test the potential changes in a game environment separate from the core For Honor experience. Feedback from participants is gathered and greatly appreciated. We are amazed, and grateful, at the number of dedicated players who participate in the Testing Grounds and provide feedback. Content in Testing Grounds is carefully selected for our players to help us understand the challenges theyface. This helps us continue to shape For Honor's core experience and keep it moving forward. In Testing Grounds this year, we will focus on more overall changes and balancing to continue to support the overall health and direction of the game.

Stay tuned for more details as seasonal Testing Grounds roll out through the year.

Tune in to our Warrior's Den livestream on March 7th for the Y8S1 "reveal!

We'll see you on the battlefield.