21 March, 2024

3 minutos de lectura

Y8S1 Testing Grounds

Greetings warriors! From March 21st to the 27th, a new Testing Grounds will be held! This time around, we will be testing a system level change focusing on normalizing hit reactions. Our intent is to ensure all moves respect the rules of the game and give players a fair fighting chance when outnumbered.

In short: Balancing the ganking potential of pinning moves.

Pinning moves currently have the ability to reset the hit stun state of their targets if they hit them during their initial hit stun (known as 1st hitstun). We are aiming to fix this to ensure that moves that pin no longer reset hitstun and now lead to the 2nd hitstun state, where heroes gain a large amount of damage reduction as well as properties making them immune to hitstun. This change impact ganking in a significant way and should limit the impact of ganking in the game.

Note that ganking is still possible but the window in which you players can now successfully create inescapable situations is much stricter.

Characters available in this Testing Grounds:

Several heroes will be available to try various ganking scenarios and test the changes:

  • Warden
  • Conqueror
  • Jormungandr
  • Shugoki
  • Hitokiri
  • Shinobi
  • Jiang Jun
  • Zhanhu
  • Pirate
  • Ocelotl

Heroes not listed above are NOT available for this Testing Grounds and cannot be selected. Should we decide to go ahead with this change, the modifications will be applied to every hero in the game.


1st Hitstun:

  • In this state, players have a 25% damage reduction from upcoming attacks, if the attacker is different from the last hit.
  • Additional confirmed hits by another source will lead to 2nd Histun.

2nd Hitstun:

  • In this state, players have a 75% damage reduction from all further attacks until players are out of hitstun.
  • In this state, additional hits to not cause any hitstun.


  • No additional changes other than the common changes.


  • Attacks affected:
    • Charging Shield Crush (Sprint Attack)


  • Attacks affected:
    • Heavy Finishers (all stances)
    • Jotunn Farewell
    • Jotunn Gift
    • Venomous Sting (all stances)
    • Jotunn Grudge
    • Hamarr Slam


  • Attacks affected:
    • Demon Embrace
    • Headbutt & Dodge Headbutt
    • Demon Ball


  • Attacks affected:
    • Rei Kick
    • Rei Sweep


  • Attacks affected:
    • Reaper's Dance
    • Flip Kick
    • Spectral Kick
    • Teleport
    • Ghoul's Embrace
    • Heavy Finishers (all stances)
    • Sickle Rain Lights


  • Attacks affected:
    • Dou Shi's Choke
    • Mighty Kick


  • Attacks affected:
    • Palm Strike


  • Attacks affected:
    • Pistol Blast
    • Walk the Plank


  • Attacks affected:
    • Skull Smash
    • Ferocious Fang
    • Hunter's Snare