Season 5 – Arena of Menace

Our Expedition has been fun, but it’s time to get back to work.

Greetings Riders!

Our Expedition has been fun, but it’s time to get back to work. This season you’ll step in to the arena and get ready to hone your skills in pure and true Trials fashion – trying again! Beginning on March 12, Season 5 – Arena of Menace will kick off and over the following weeks will see the release of new outfits, bike skins, poses, animations, stickers, helmet accessories, a brand-new fun bike, and the Microtracks Classic Track Pack.


It just wouldn’t be a new season without some fresh rewards to help show off your multiplayer dominance. Work your way through the ranks and earn the all-new Golden Body Cast Outfit. You’ll look like the King of the Tracks in this Tut inspired outfit. Hail to the king!


A new season of Trials means new ways to keep your rider looking fresh. Arena of Menace will allow you to acknowledge the struggle of trying again with the Body Cast Outfit. You may be blown away by all of our exciting, explosive content, but our Specialist outfit will keep your rider just as safe as the bomb squad armor it’s inspired by.

Mix these outfits with some of the new poses, animations, stickers, and helmet accessories to bring a new level of customization to your rider. Don’t forget to modernize your Alpaca with the Super Elektro Skin or add a little danger to your Mantis with the Turbo Fury Skin!

New Content:

  • 3 New outfits -- Golden Body Cast Outfit (Ranked Multiplayer Reward), Body Cast Outfit, The Specialist Outfit
  • 2 New bike skins – Super Elektro Bike Skin and the Turbo Fury Bike Skin
  • 10 Helmet Accessories
  • 8 Animations
  • 5 Poses
  • 10 Stickers


Arena of Menace doesn’t just bring with it a host of new items to make your rider and bike look like new, but it also brings with it a brand-new fun bike to freshen up your experience as well. With considerably higher reverse speed than any bike in Trials Rising, the King Crab also presents fresh possibilities for builders looking to explore new obstacle types in the track editor. Whether you’re looking to ride low, climb high, or race in reverse, the King Crab Fun Bike will get you where you need to go.


This track pack is all about straightforward speedrunning and trying again and again. A throwback to the original Trials browser games from 20 years past, this track pack includes 12 arena based microtracks. These short technical tracks will require practice and patience to conquer. You’ll also have to do each microtrack all in one go, there are no checkpoints in the Arena of Menace. The Microtracks Classic Track Pack will release on March 26. Stay tuned for more!


April 2nd will mark the return of the Trials Rising’s original seasonal event, the Easter Event. During the event collect 10 hidden collectables to earn the exclusive Chicken helmet. The Easter Bunny outfit will be back and available in the Bundle Store. Leveling up during the event will reward event Gear Crates that can contain some additional Easter themed customization items. If you missed the Easter Event or any of these items the first time around you’ve got another opportunity this season.

Thanks for continuing to Ride with us. Until next time, we’ll see you on the leaderboards!