Who are the Keepers of the Code?

Discover more about our group of core community members.

To most, the E3 announcement of Skull & Bones last year was the first time they heard about our game, let alone had the opportunity to see it in action. But behind the scenes was a whole other reality.

Handpicked members of our now budding community had heard about the project almost a year prior; just a few months before the grand reveal they had the chance to visit our studio in Singapore and see Skull & Bones with their very own eyes to participate in a workshop with our developers.

This workshop was the inception of the group now called Keepers of the Code, a name inspired by those brave idealists that kept Pirate’s core beliefs at heart and made sure their crew would stay true. You might have heard of the Pirate’s Code through procedures such as the parley, where those of opposing opinions would meet under neutral circumstances to discuss, yet there is so much more.

No one says it better than Colonel Benjamin Bennet in his letter to the Council of Trade and Plantations in 1718.

“Sailors on seized ships joined pirates because of the appealing ‘prospect of plunder’ and ‘ready money,’ the food and the drink, the camaraderie, the democracy, equality, and justice, and the promise of care for the injured.

At a time when the Royal Navy was known to more or less voluntarily recruit sailors through impressment, Pirate gangs were often a more viable career option for those who wanted the sailor next to them having their back. This was enforced throughout each crew’s individual Code, a document often drafted at the onset of a journey or when sailors turned pirate.

Why is this relevant to our community, you ask? The Keepers of the Code is a group of core community members that stay true to these ideals, working closely together with our developers on everything from direct game feedback to helping us listen to our fans around the world.

They also contribute through informative videos, such as MrStainless001 serieson Skull & Bones, or by upholding a year-long historical accuracy discourse on discord like Emsrelda has.

We choose our Keepers with the goal of having an accurate representation of the community at large, with a wide variety of gaming preferences, origins, and expertise. We trust them to be a powerful voice for the players and a force of good.

Now some of you reading this might find yourselves aching to join the program – and you’re in luck! The Keepers of the Code are always recruiting and looking for new people to join their ranks. We reach out to our candidates partially based on community activity, so go ahead and join us on our forums or take a look at the unofficial discord channel (coincidentally run by some of our Keepers)!