Community News

Community catch-up on a busy few weeks!


The dust has finally settled after E3, and what a show it was!


From Fergus’ passionate presentation of the game he’s been dying to reveal for months, to the hundreds of fans stopping by our booth to get their hands on the demo, it’s certainly been an amazing kick-start to The Crew 2!


We’ve already gathered a lot of good feedback from the show, and are keeping a close eye on all your thoughts on the forums and social media.


Speaking of going hands-on, BlackPanthaa stopped by the show to say hi to the team and dive head-first into Motornation! Check out his thoughts (spoiler: he loved it!) in the video below:

ErasableNinja also had a blast in the game, and you can hear his thinking on the vast open world, the Fast Fav feature and more in his review:

And for those of you wondering how The Crew 2 compares aesthetically to its predecessor, Random has you covered:

Our fantastic Star Players have also been hard at work since getting back, so stay tuned for more content featuring them in the near future!


In the meantime though, let’s see what fantastic creations the 510 community has been working on in The Crew!

Leading by example as ever, Mr-Gord-E is never afraid of taking on adversaries bigger than himself:


Nor is hannah, and woe be to any miscreants whose feet aren’t as heavy as hers!


SkArefLoVe finds the perfect spot to water his Mustang:


HrTom picks the perfect partner for an evening stroll through the orange grove:


awvy reminds us why cruising through The Crew’s huge world is such a special experience:


And Asamur takes a break from animating The Crew Social to tear up the Salt Flats!


Speaking of TCS, RideOrDie shows just how much the fan community means to him by creating this outstanding intro:

And RaceMasterDave schools us in how to hit those top Monster spots in the Summit!


That’s all for this edition! Thank you all for your continued involvement, and remember to send us your creations, challenges or initiatives for a chance to be featured! We keep an eye on all social channels and groups, fan-made and official, from our very own forums to Reddit and Steam. You can also send us your creations directly by email at