May 20, 2024

2 Min Read

Preseason Patch Notes

Read below for our Preseason launch day patch notes!


  • The Echelon faction is back. We fixed the issue with agents turning invisible in a bad way versus the good and intended way (using the Digital Ghillie Suit ability).

  • DedSec's Spiderbot ability has returned. Prepare your face for hugging.

  • Devices (aka grenades) are less likely to fall at your feet if used immediately after respawning, but it can still happen. We're working on it! Grenades are inherently risky.


  • Occasionally after you died, you could still run around in the world for a few seconds. Now when you die you stay fully dead, as your opponent intended.

  • Reduced the range between the highest ping and lowest ping in matchmaking, so now you'll be grouped with players who have a more similar ping to your own.


  • Fixed an issue with killstreak VO lines playing at the beginning of every match and when you died, which was particularly insulting. Turn the announcer volume back up in the Settings menu (Dialogue Volume)!

  • Audio improvements, many.


  • Xbox Series X/S players now see their Xbox friends list as the primary friends list in game.

  • Fixed an Xbox-specific issue where if you suspended the game, then accessed the in-game Social menu and selected "Invite to Party" or "View Party Invites", Ubisoft Connect wouldn't open properly.

  • Fixed an issue on Xbox where if you got an error message while trying to join a full party, key UI elements would disappear.


  • On consoles, if you accessed the Ubisoft Connect overlay via the Social menu, the text wasn't localized for any non-English languages. It is now.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when accessing the Loadout menu tab.

  • Updated the word list the Chat Language Filter uses.

  • Fixed issues with misaligned HUD elements on PlayStation 5.


To report any bugs or see our current known issues, please check out our Bug Report