April 6, 2023

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Closed Beta Announcement

Closed Beta

We're excited to announce the XDefiant Closed Beta! We've learned a lot through our Insider Session program over the last year and are ready to open the doors wider.

Let's get the biggest news out of the way- this test will have NO NDA. We know many of you are excited to create content for XDefiant, and you will be able to start Day 1 of the Closed Beta. Additional details are below, and we will be updating more as we get closer to the Closed Beta date.

Closed Beta Platforms

Closed Beta will be on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC

Closed Beta Timing

Server Opens - April 13th @ 10 AM PT

Server Closes - April 23rd @ 11 PM PT

Closed Beta XDefiant Showcase

We will be kicking off our Closed Beta on April 13th with the XDefiant Showcase on our official Ubisoft Twitch & YouTube at 10 AM PT. Our stream will show a special ranked mode showmatch featuring two teams fighting it out in a best of seven.

  Team Aches    Team Pacman  

Additionally, join the stream for a deep dive on the game features, Closed Beta details, factions, loadouts, maps and modes, and the seasonal roadmap.
That's not all - we will have a special Q&A with Executive Producer, Mark Rubin!

Alpha Ranked Mode Test

During the Closed Beta we will also introduce an Alpha WIP build of our competitive ranked mode. We will have more information about this during the Closed Beta!

How do I join the Closed Beta


You can register in advance on our website over at playxdefiant.com.

Twitch Drops

Starting April 13th, Twitch Streams including our XDefiant Showcase (www.twitch.tv/ubisoft) will grant game access drops. You can gain access by watching for 30 minutes with a partnered streamer.

Exclusive Closed Beta Reward Track

During the Closed Beta, you can unlock an exclusive set of rewards! These items will instantly be unlocked in the Closed Beta and carry over into all future phases.

[XD] Closed Beta Announcement - BlogAsset1

1.) M4A1 “Disruption” Weapon Skin
2.) Kersey “Dungaree” Character Skin
3.) M870 “Cobalt” Weapon Skin
4.) Emoji “XD Style”
5.) Magnum “Black & Bling” Weapon Skin
6.) MP7 “Graffiti” Weapon Skin
7.) MK20 “Pelagic” Weapon Skin
8.) De Rosa “Hi-Velocity” Character Skin
9.) MVP/Profile/KS “Hi-Velocity” Player Card
10.) MP5 “TechX” Weapon Skin

[XD] Closed Beta Announcement - Blog Asset 2

Violet Weapons

Game access is not the only drop you can unlock during the Closed Beta. We also have exclusive Twitch Rewards during the Closed Beta. Unlock the:

  • "Violet" D50 Pistol Weapon Skin
  • "Violet" MK 20 SSR Weapon Skin

These will be unlocked through watching partnered and category streams during the Closed Beta.

Progression System

We will have progression in the Closed Beta including player progression, weapon progression, and player challenges! These systems will not carry over to future phases.

Content in the Closed Beta


Libertad, Echelon, Phantoms, DedSec (locked until later in the Closed Beta - stay tuned for an update!), and the Cleaners are back!


Attica Heights, Arena, DUMBO, Echelon HQ (NEW!), Emporium, Liberty, Mayday, Meltdown, Midway, Nudleplex, Pueblito, Showtime, Times Square, Zoo


Unranked Playlist - Escort, Zone Control, Domination, & Occupy. You can queue for which mode you prefer!

Patch Notes

New Content

  • New Map! Echelon HQ - Set the way-back machine to "Third Echelon" and take a self-guided tour of Echelon HQ, our new arena-style map! Perfect for spies and those who love to hunt them.

  • New Phantom ability - Blitz Shield - Players can now utilize a personal shield for attack or defense - their choice!

  • New Progression System - Now can complete challenges that unlock new weapons and characters.

  • New Profile tab - New customization and challenges tiles.

  • New Rewards track - Exclusive rewards to the Closed Beta!



  • Aim Assist & Controls have had additional testing since Insider Session Crossplay and have had several improvements implemented.

Factions - Ultras, Traits, and Abilities

  • Cleaners - Back in the game from their vacation during Insider Session

  • Libertad

    • BioVida Boost - Removed the heal over time element and reduced the skill duration from 10 seconds to 4 seconds.
    • [Ability] El Remedio
      • Improved cancellation feedback
      • Cancellation cooldown raised from 3s->7s
      • Death cooldown raised from 10s->20s
      • Hijacked cooldown raised from 3s->20s
  • Minor VFX updates to El Remedio (ability) and Espiritu de Libertad (passive) to improve signs & feedback.

  • Echelon

    • Samir is now a selectable character in the game again.
    • [Trait] Echelon players can no longer be seen on the minimap thanks to Low Profile.
    • [Ultra] Sonar Vision
    • Updated the ammo clip to 4 from 5 to match all other weapons.
    • RPM changed from 400 to 225.
  • Phantoms

    • NEW! [Ability] Blitz Shield - A personal shield that can be used for attack or defense.
  • DedSec

    • Changes
      • Removed Gia & Jing characters from player selection for Closed Beta
      • [Ability] Spiderbots
        - Can now be damaged by the Cleaner's Purifier Ultra.
        - Spiderbots now attack the closest enemy.

Weapons, Attachments, & Devices

  • Weapons

    • [Front Rail] Leather Wrapped
    • [Front Rail] Pistol Grip
    • [Rear Grip] Fabric
    • [Rear Grip] Leather Wrapped
    • [Rear Grip] Heavy
    • [Rear Grip] Lightweight
    • [Stock] Removed Stock
    • [Stock] Padded Stock
  • Weapons

    • All weapons - Increased reveal range on the minimap to map-wide when suppression attachments are not equipped.
    • All weapons - Minor individual magazine adjustments to each gun to increase ammo count.
    • AK47 - Increased medium range and headshot multiplier.
    • M16A4 - Reduced RPM and slightly reduced damage.
    • Pistols - Slightly reduced movement speed of all pistols.
  • Attachments

    • 3x - 12x Scopes - Reduced FOV zoom value on all.
    • Small Vertical, Compensator, Heavy Grip, Choke, Lightweight Stock, Angled Grip, Leather Wrapped Front Rail all had minor rebalancing of stats.


  • Domination

    • Scoring now goes to 750 to increase game duration
  • Occupy

    • Team couldn't respawn until occupy point moved


  • Fixed Xbox frequently crashing.
  • Text Chat has been disabled for the Closed Beta.
  • Fixed Cross-platform party invitations
    • Party invite notifications can still be inconsistent for players after completing a match together and other scenarios.
  • Friend statuses on the social screen can be inconsistent with current activity.