April 28, 2022

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Session Notes - April 29th

Remember that Insider Sessions is covered by NDA which prohibits the recording/capturing/sharing of XDefiant visually. Insider Sessions is in-progress content that we are still working on.


Last week we gave you a brand-new map and this week we are releasing a brand-new mode. You may have heard of this one – this week we will include Team Deathmatch!

Additionally, party invitation system is back! On top of that, players who have been previously approved to Insider Sessions can invite five of their friends! Use this link: XDefiantFriendInvite

There has also been an update to controller controls based on everyone’s feedback. Please read below for additional details. However, as a heads up we have reset everyone’s settings including those that play mouse and keyboard to set everything back to default.

Please be sure to check your settings in the Practice Zone before jumping back in! We are going to continue to look at gamepad control feedback as a focus this week, so please let us know how the new experience feels!

Patch Notes


  • Resolved an issue when joining a match while being in a party could spawn you under the map.


  • Fixed an issue where you could see through flash grenade effect using the pause menu.


Mouse and Keyboard

  • Removed slight acceleration on top of base speed.


  • Default setting changes - 20/20 Sensitivity, 1.00x Low and High Zoom, Left and Right dead zone to 10.

  • Doubled the amount of Look Acceleration applied when the stick reaches 99% input.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the camera to not stay level when moving stick strictly along the X or Y axis.

  • Decreased the camera slowdown when aiming vertically. This change should solve the issue of not being able to engage with a player who is sliding in front of you or at a different verticality than you. Previously it gave off the feeling of aim-assist being too strong which made it feel difficult to pull down to the target if your sight was above/below them.


  • Adjusted default settings and sensitivity scale.

  • ADS Look sensitivity factors are now default 1.00x and are directly 1:1 with normal look sensitivity.

  • Fully adjusted sensitivity scale so it’s easier to understand true camera speed. Now uses a scale of 0.1-10 displayed as 1-100. Example: 20 = 2, 30 = 3, 40 = 4 etc.

This Week

This week features:

  • Game Modes: Domination, Zone Control, and Team Deathmatch

  • Maps: Showtime, Emporium, Nudleplex, Zoo, Meltdown

This Week’s Focus

  • Focus: Controls for gamepad

For a list of known issues and to report any bugs you encounter, please check our Bug Reporter Tool. For more information and to provide feedback, please join us on Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Discussions.