Community Creations: September

The Watch Dogs community continues to prove to be a creative force like few others. Every month, we will continue to showcase some of our favorites of your creations. In case you missed August’s picks, you can check them out here. Check out this month’s picks below.


Ubisoft Star Player @MelissaSalvaro1’s matching tattoo with her partner has melted our cold, hacker hearts. These tattoos are not only beautiful but the connection they have to the owners makes them even more special.


These elderly characters are so adorable and happy looking it almost makes us forget they are ready to Resist for the Dedsec cause. Our hats off to @firecracker_swt for making these deadly hackers so cute.


This Winston fanart by @ni94tmar3 on Instagram looks so happy it belies the dark secrets the person under the mask might be hiding.


When you mix Ikumi Nakamura’s awesome cosplay with Liam Wong’s incredible photography, the result is completely breathtaking.

We have been so impressed with the creations we have been seeing and can’t wait to see more. Make sure to tag us in all your Watch Dogs content either directly or by using #WatchDogsLegion. Until next time, keep creating!


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