Community Creations: August

During the summer we’ve seen even more of your creativity bloom and we have once again decided to share our favourites with you. If you’d like to see which pieces caught our eye last time, you can read this article. Remember to check monthly for even more!

[WDL] [NEWS] Community Creations: August - Winston960

@werlisson_Ima has created an interesting monochrome portrait of an operative wearing a Winston mask. Very London.

[WDL][NEWS] Community Creations: August Ahki

Ahki, our E3 2019 Star Player, has drawn a scene inspired, as she says, by many propaganda posters that could be seen in Watch Dogs: Legion promotional materials. Look at the colors!

[WDL] [NEWS] Community Creations: August GIF

@crestlightning has created an amazing animated piece featuring badass Helen wearing an ANIMATED coronet mask. Damn, that’s some skill required!

[WDL] [NEWS] Community Creations: August Rul

Our E3 2019 Star Player Rul has created this call to action poster featuring an operative wearing a cute Winston mask. Because if we can’t convince you to join us with our cause, we will convince you with cuteness.

[WDL] [NEWS] Community Creations: August Cosplayretro

@cosplayretro has made some pretty sweet progress with his neon skull mask. He did a good job. No one will recognize him now!

[WDL] [NEWS] Community Creations: August RabidRaygun

Our Gamescom 2019 Star Player @RabidRaygun has been preparing hard for the event. She cross-stitched Winston’s face on her t-shirt! Now that’s a swag!

Are you a cosplayer, artist, or creator of any kind? Share your work with us on Twitter and Instagram by tagging us or using the hashtag #WatchDogsCreations. We can’t wait to see all you amazing creations!


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