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5 Essential Tips for Playing Watch Dogs: Legion

Building a resistance to take back London while being able to play as anyone can be overwhelming. To set you up for success, Creative Director Clint Hocking shares five essential tips to help you build the most effective team of recruits and use them to get results.

Tip #1 – Profile Everyone
Building a solid team of operatives starts by having lots of recruits to choose from. Profile as many people as you can to discover characters with different abilities, items, and characteristics that can be combined to build well-rounded teams.

Tip #2 – Build Characters with Synergies
Each recruit you gather will have their own unique blend of abilities, items, and characteristics. When customizing your loadouts, make sure to pair characters with gadgets and upgrades that will best optimize them to suit your play style.

Tip #3 – Experiment with Gadgets
Watch Dogs: Legion includes a large collection of gadgets, all of which can combine to suit various needs. Here, Clint suggests attaching a sticky bomb to a drone, which can be flown into a group of enemies and detonated, allowing players to take out sizeable threats without having to confront them head-on.

Tip #4 – Always Scout Locations
Successfully completing mission objectives becomes easier if you know the layout of the place you’re infiltrating. Use gadgets and exploration to take note of enemy drones flying overhead, guards scouting the area, traps that have been set, any hacking possibilities to be leveraged... knowing what lies ahead and having a plan going in will put you in a better position to succeed.

Tip #5 – Liberate the Boroughs
Every borough in the game has its own set of missions and activities with the ultimate goal of liberating the area’s people from the grasp of Albion. Better known as Borough Liberation, these culminate in unique and interesting missions taking place at notable London landmarks. Not only are these missions an opportunity for fun, challenging, and exciting quests, but liberating boroughs will also make it easier to recruit people into DedSec. And we haven’t even talked about the juicy skins, gadgets, and upgrades that come as rewards!

These tips will help get you started, but they’re certainly not all we have. Make sure to visit Gameplan for guides, tips, tricks, and walkthroughs to help you master Watch Dogs: Legion!