December 8, 2022

Hardcore Mode in The Settlers: New Allies


Today we'd like to share news about the incoming Onslaught Mode, which we are renaming Hardcore Mode.

What is Hardcore mode?

Hardcore Mode is an evolution on experiences against AI enemies.

In Hardcore missions, players can test their mettle against the odds, and overcome challenges that would not show up in regular skirmishes.

[TSNA] News - Hardcore Mode - screenshot 1

What is a Hardcore mission?

Hardcore missions use Skirmish maps as their base.

With those maps as base, missions in Hardcore can have a different objective than just eliminating all opponents.

On top of that, there are changes that will significantly increase the difficulty of completing said objectives.

For example, resource deposits may have their content changed, enemy waves could assail the players in timed intervals, or enemies could start with additional units, research done or other advantages.

It could also be that players face multiple enemies, or the starting location is somewhere else.

We call these changes "modifiers", and the game will communicate beforehand which modifiers a mission has.

[TSNA] News - Hardcore Mode - Screenshot 2

How does it work?

Hardcore Mode offers a roulette of 3 challenges of different difficulties, respective to the player count of the map.

One-star missions are on 1v1 maps, Two-star missions on 2v2 maps, and Three-star missions happen on 4v4 maps.

These offerings will change at the start of every week, or players can choose to use Relic Shards to get a different roll.

Completing one mission of each difficulty before the week's end will reward players with Relic Shards, experience, and other goodies.

[TSNA] News - Hardcore Mode - Screen 3

A call for help

Sometimes, we don't want to face the highest challenges alone.

For those situations, players can summon friends to their side, before embarking on a mission.

This is possible for missions of 2 or 4 players, namely the Two-star missions and Three-star missions.

In that case, all players receive full rewards.

Players who want to prove their skills alone can still do so!

[TSNA] News - Hardcore Mode - Screenshot 4

We hope this article gives you a clear insight into this mode.

If you have questions, feel free to drop a comment in the forums!

Best wishes,

Your The Settlers DEV-Team