November 10, 2022

Technical Test Server – Update 6 – Brunn

Greetings everyone!

Update 6 - Brunn was recently deployed to the TTS.

After the last update, we've dedicated our efforts to stabilize the new features, plus a few improvements and bug fixes.

However, there is still a big point that has made its entry to the testing realm.

Brunn Highlights

Hardcore Mode

The highlight for Update 6 is that we enabled Hardcore (formerly Onslaught) mode for testing. 

This mode allows players to face challenges, like fighting waves of enemies or multiple AI opponents, either solo or with friends.

There will be more information shared about this mode's particularities in a more detailed post soon.

Engineers Auto-Pathing

We have taught Engineers that owned territory is much safer than the shortest route!

This should alleviate some of the unexpected workforce losses.


Spectator mode allows defeated players in a multiplayer game to continue observing the match to see if their allies finish the enemy off.

It's also still possible to leave the match in defeat without incurring any penalty.

[TSR] News - Technical Test Server – Update 6 – Brunn - Generic Screenshot

Map Reveal - The Core

For today, we have prepared a Map Reveal based on our 1v1 map The Core. 


The Order has arrived

The transition to The Order has been completed.

Here are some cool shots of them!

[TSR] News - Technical Test Server – Update 6 – Brunn - Attack Animation

With love,
Your The Settlers Team.