January 19, 2023

The Settlers: New Allies – Research Details

Hello everyone!

We're approaching the launch day at light-speed! We hope you have enjoyed our latest streams.

We've accumulated the links to videos and other nice bits in this forum post:


We saw how the interest for our Research tree grew as we showed some items, so we decided to gather the info for you.

Research Guilds

There are 5 guilds right now that players can invest into, two of them available immediately (Crafting and Protection Guilds) and three that must be unlocked (Administration, Citizens, Engineering Guilds).

The Crafting Guild helps reinforce basic infrastructure, especially starting with early game upgrades for engineers, moving to lategame giant leaps.

Meanwhile the Protection Guild will make your overall army stronger, while unlocking the potential of ritualists in the later tiers.

[TSNA] News - The Settlers: New Allies - Research Details - Asset 1

[TSNA] News - The Settlers: New Allies - Research Details - Asset 2

Advanced Guilds

Advanced Guilds can only be unlocked one per academy. A player would require 3 academies to unlock all guilds in the same game.

These guilds contain also early and late game upgrades, with slight differences on their emphasis depending on which guild is chosen.

The Administration Guild focuses on allowing the player to go out with their armies early in the game.

[TSNA] News - The Settlers: New Allies - Research Details - Asset 3

The Citizens' Guild foregoes military advancement, often costing you the same materials you'd use to increase your army, in order to push your infrastructure and borders defense.

[TSNA] News - The Settlers: New Allies - Research Details - Asset 4

The Engineering Guild allows you to make the best out of a locked position, until you are able to open up your situation and exploit more variety of resources.

[TSNA] News - The Settlers: New Allies - Research Details - Asset 5

The Theorycrafting

All of this information is readily available in-game, as you play and explore your options in the Academy. This compilation will help you visualize all the information at once, and start crafting plans around your preferred options.
However, the trick behind discovering the proportions between gathering and production buildings, the usage rate of food and the timings to set up new constructions will all be part of the player experience.

We're looking forward to seeing which strategies come out of these variables, and how they evolve over time when new entries are added!

In the meantime, we will have one more stream in the coming days focused around Hardcore mode.

See you soon,

Your The Settlers DEV-Team