March 13 2020

Dev Blog: Tackle Innovations

We hope you’re ready for another Dev Blog, because today we will guide you through the changes we’ve made to tackling since E3 last year.

Tackling opponents is a key component of Roller Champions. So, making sure that you are able to complete your tackles in a satisfactory way is a key topic for our gameplay team.

Air Tackles

Some of you may remember that you were able to initiate a tackle in mid-air. When playing our E3 demo, it felt clunky so we went back to the drawing board and rethought how it should be implemented. What we came up with is: a flying drop kick! A more robust feeling air tackle, that allows for more air control, impact and overall gameplay.

Oh, and before we forget, if you can extend it through the landing, you will roll on the ground and might even topple opponents over.

Extended Tackle - Dive

Following that, we added something that we dub the ‘'Dive’’. When you initiate a tackle, you can press the same button a second time to have your character dive forward (or in a new direction) to extend their tackle.

Trading distance for time as you are now sprawled on the ground and must get up. This adds a new length to the tackle, allowing for even more gameplay elements to be thrown together.

Dev Tip: you can Dive for the ball and secure it for your team, at least, until you get back up!

Tackles are and always will be an important topic within the team. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think about both of these gameplay additions! Join the discussion on Instagram and Twitter.

We’ll see you in the Rink, Champions!

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