August 25, 2021

Streaming Guidelines and Twitch Drops

The Riders Republic beta is here and we’re sure many of you content creators are itching to show off your adventures! We’re looking forward to seeing you stream your time on Riders Republic! Just be sure that you’re following the Twitch Terms of Service. Not streaming on Twitch? Not a problem. Just make sure you’re following your streaming platforms terms of service and you’re good to go!

Now that you’re out on the ridge, sharpening your skills to be the best, you’re wondering – What else can I do to stand out?

How about a sweet BLUE YELLOW BACK PACK that you can get before anyone else via Twitch Drops?!

backpack copy

To get this back pack, you will need to watch live a minimum of ONE HOUR of a Twitch streamer who has drops enabled to receive this in game item.

You’ll receive this item on launch day and have it exclusively for 5 days before it is available for purchase in the In-Game store.

To claim your rewards make sure your account is set up to receive Twitch Drops. You then need to select the Claim button for the reward in your Twitch Inventory within 24 hours of the stream ending.

Please note that rewards can only be earned by watching the stream live.


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