October 27, 2021


Howdy, Riders! It’s finally time: Riders Republic has released worldwide! We’ve got big plans for the first weeks of the game, and it’s all starting with our first theme: WELCOME TO THE REPUBLIC! From multiplayer events to Shackdaddy Bandit challenges, Mass Races and Halloween items: we’ve got it all to welcome you with open arms and make the start of your adventure a fun and exciting one.


Check out the EASY STARTS Mass Races Playlist with three different Mass Races featuring 6 different tracks! You’ll race through Teton Mania, Yosemite Clash, Mammoth Rush, Mammoth Raider, Teton Drain and Sequoia Pileup!


Ready to compete against 12 other riders? Enjoy a selection of the finest events the Republic has to offer! Our SHACKDADDY BANDIT WELCOME PLAYLIST will be time limited and feature the following events:

  • SHACKDADDY: A rock in the shoe
  • SHACKDADDY: Free Delivery
  • SHACKDADDY: Fruit Pizza
  • Beam me Up
  • Ice Melt
  • SHACKDADDY: Low Pressure
  • SHACKDADDY: Blimey


The Shackdaddy Bandits will regularly give you new challenges to compete. Finish them all to gain customization items, helicopter tickets, emotes and more! Here are the launch challenges available starting from today.

  • Easy difficulty
    • Complete 3 unique TRICKS ACADEMY lessons
    • Complete 10 events from the weekly featured playlist (SHACKDADDY BANDIT WELCOME PLAYLIST)
  • Medium difficulty
    • Complete 10 side actions (stunts/landmarks/photo spots/relics)
    • Complete 3 Mass Races
  • Hard difficulty
    • Complete 20 events
    • Complete 18 sponsor contracts


Halloween is happening a couple of days after the launch! To celebrate, we’ve got a couple of things to watch out for.

Complete special time limited Shackdaddy Bandit challenges and get rare Halloween gear!

  • Special Halloween #1: Accumulate 500,000 points on a Funkies
  • Special Halloween #2: Complete 10 events with Funkies

Better save your in-game bucks! Check out the shop the weekend of Halloween for cool time-limited customization items: a Pumpkin Helmet, a Pumpkin Lantern Backpack, a Spidey Backpack and a Scarecrow outfit!

Now go forth, Riders! Explore the Republic, race against the world and we will see you in the Ridge!


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