September 20, 2021

Riders Republic Beta Week Recap

The beta is over now, but the week we had was WILD! It started off with invites to players to try out the game and we also gave out some codes for you to take part in the beta. However, it was clear that even more of you wanted to play and to know more about Riders Republic.

So, on August 25th at Gamescom Opening Night Live, we showed you more, and gave you more. The beta was extended and open to EVERYONE!

To add to the good news, we were awarded the Gamescom Best Sports Game Award! We got to see you all take your first steps onto Riders Ridge to become the best, go head to head in free for alls, the competitive action of Trick Battles and the mayhem of the Mass Races! Each of you with your own individual style and looks thanks to the customisation options. You enjoyed it so much we extended the beta AGAIN!

By the end of it all, we had so many players, we reached some BIG numbers across different aspects! Did you know that the number of fails is the same as the number of people who live in France?





We appreciate and thank you for taking part, and all the feedback you’ve given. Rest assured we’re taking it all on board and are looking to improve the experience. Riders Republic will be available to purchase on October 28th, but you can pre-order now at Also, by pre-ordering now, you can get the adorable Bunny Pack!

We’ll have more information coming soon for you. Find out more by following us on Twitter, Instagram and join the community via the Official Discord


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