August 25, 2021

Beta open to all

Hey Riders!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! The Riders Republic Beta is live, and we are waiting for you on the Ridge! The Riders team wants to make sure you are prepared before you get your ride on, so be sure to read on to learn more about the Riders Republic Beta!

How to Participate

The beta will be available for all players on, PC via Ubisoft Connect and The Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X I S, Xbox One, and Ubisoft +. Not on the same platform as your friends? Don’t worry because the Riders Republic Beta has cross-gen and Cross-play support!

What is Riders Republic?

Riders Republic is a massive world filled with sports, friends, and some sick gear, which releases on October 28th.

Here is what you will be able to check out during the Beta.

  • Play all 5 sports: Bike, Ski, Snowboard, Wingsuit and Rocket Wingsuit.
  • Access to 3 sports careers: Bike Races, Snow Tricks, and Air Sports.
  • Access to all 3 multiplayer modes: Mass Races, Tricks Battle, and Free for All.
  • Fully roam the open world including some side activities.

In Riders Republic you can gain stars to progress and unlock more things to do. During the Beta, the maximum number of stars you can get will be 55. Be sure to get as many as you can by playing the events and exploring the amazing world! The two remaining career modes, Bike Tricks and Snow Races will be available for play when the full game launches on October 28th.

Multiplayer Modes

Squad up with your friends and head to the Ridge! Riders Republic is a massive online social playground. You can play with your friends or make new ones by playing in racing and trick events throughout the world.

Mass Races

The action is nonstop! During the Beta, you will be able to play through Mass Races, every 15 minutes! Keep an eye out for the in-game notifications letting you know the location of the Mass Races! When you get to a Mass Race, you will play with more than 50 friends (or foes) in a battle to earn the most stars!

Tricks Battle

It is time to team up! Tricks Battle is a 6v6 team sport where you and your teammates work together to gain points by doing crazy tricks in the Abyss, one of the two arenas available in the game. Head on over to the Riders Ridge to play Tricks Battle anytime!

Free for All

During the Beta, Bike Tricks will be the name of the game. In this 12-player mode, you will battle against your opponents in a series of events. You can play the Free for All anytime throughout the day by visiting the Riders Ridge.

Mark Your Calendars!

To make things sweeter, we’ve got information on some things available to try out during the Beta!

25th August – Mass Races will be available including 3 different track. There will be 1 Mass Race every hour. As well as the Mass Races, check out the Abyss Arena Tricks Battle!

26th August – More tracks will be added to the Mass Races such as Mammoth Raider and Yosemite Clash for even more awesome events!

27th August – Still not had enough? Well, there’s more! Along with Mass Races and Tricks Battles this day will unlock Free for All Bike Tricks featuring the King Monkey and El Capitan Playground from 4pm UTC.

28th August – Everything is available for you to play at your choosing! Mass Races every hour, the Abyss Arena Tricks battles and the Bike Tricks Free for All!

This is just a taste of what’s to come! You can play the Riders Republic Beta now! Don’t forget, the full Riders Republic game launches on October 28th! We can't wait to see you on Ridge!

Keep up to date with the latest info via Twitter, Instagram and join the Riders Republic community at our official Discord server.


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