“People lie. Data does not.” - Solis

The truth comes to light in Operation SOLAR RAID thanks to the newest Defender: SOLIS. The Operator hailing from Colombia joins the GHOSTEYES squad --- a perfect fit for someone who values truth and information, especially when the lives of her fellow operatives might be on the line.

The SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor is the perfect tool to ensure her team's safety. Capable of revealing electronic devices, SOLIS is a team player offering a powerful Observation Tool for intel-gathering and asymmetry against her opponents. With 2 HEALTH, 2 SPEED, and the P90 SMG in her arsenal, SOLIS will know where you are before you know where she is.

The SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor is an augmented reality headset that gathers information in real time. SOLIS can detect the locations of 15 gadgets and identify 5 of them, leaving no surprises for her teammates. By using the Scan ability on her headset, those 5 devices will be marked for all teammates to see. After all, vital information helps avoid disaster.

Attackers will have to rely on non-electronic devices or wait for SOLIS' battery to run out, but THATCHER'S EMP can temporarily deactivate SOLIS' device. With the choice IMPACT GRENADE and BULLETPROOF CAMERA as gadget options, there is nowhere you can hide from SOLIS.

Training with AFEAU taught Solis not to enter a fight unless you have all the information, and after a disastrous operation in Bogota, SOLIS learned how important intel truly is.

Check out Twitch on November 21st for the full reveal of SOLAR RAID.

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