Y8S4.1 Patch Notes

You can find here the updates and fixes for the Y8S4.1 patch.

Y8S4.1 Patch Size

Find the download sizes for each platform below.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 1.36 GB
  • Steam:  0.6 GB
  • Xbox One: 0.9 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 1.2 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 1.96 GB
  • PlayStation 5: 1.24 GB



FIXED - Lair is unavailable in Free For All mode.

FIXED - AI bots attempt to breach reinforced walls with C4 explosives or Impact Grenades.

FIXED - Players are unable to vault some railings across various maps.


FIXED - Drones can get stuck in EXT Street of the Attack Tutorial map.

FIXED - Cork board prevents line of sight by clipping through wall at 1F Staff Room of Bank map.

FIXED - Unintended line of sight can be reached with Azami's Kiba Barrier on a small wheel at 1F Cargo of the Nighthaven map.

FIXED - Placeholder asset is visible in the north-west side of the Lair map while using caster mode.

FIXED - Iana's Gemini Replicator can go out of bounds when deployed near the boxes at EXT Lift of the Lair map.

FIXED - Frag grenade damage passes through a wall at 2F Library of the Chalet map.

FIXED - Explosive damage passes through elevator doors at B Vault Lobby of the Bank map.

FIXED - Players can get out of bounds using Azami's Kiba Barrier to vault onto a railing at EXT Shooting Range of the Lair map.

FIXED - Players get stuck in falling animation on top of barrels in Tutorial 1 of the Attack Tutorial map.

FIXED - Players get stuck in prone between a railing and a stone wall at EXT Lift Exit of the Lair map.

FIXED - Players have an unintended line of sight between a desk and boxes located at 1F Briefing of the Lair map.

FIXED - Various defuser planting and pickup issues.

FIXED - Player can't retrieve throwable devices in specific spots on various maps.


FIXED - Missing voice line during onboarding HQ in Landmark Drill, Target Drill, or Shooting Range drill. 


FIXED - Missing VFX for Frost's Welcome Mat and Ela's Grzmot Mine when affected by Tubarao's Zoto Canister.

FIXED - Missing VFX for Blitz's Flash Shield when affected by Tubarao's Zoto Canister.

FIXED - Missing hit marker when destroying Melusi's Banshee Sonic Defense.

FIXED - Misplaced freeze VFX when shooting while affected by Tubarao's Zoto Canister.

FIXED - Score doesn't update when Tubarao's Zoto Canister freezes Opponent devices.

FIXED - Warden's Glance Smart Glasses don't protect against Ying's Candela.

FIXED - Various animation issues.


FIXED - Battle Pass content disappears when swapping between multiple menus quickly.

FIXED - Amaru's Broad Blade weapon skin clips through walls.

FIXED - Community Challenge UI disappears after waiting several minutes in the Challenges menu.

FIXED - Option to invite players is greyed out when creating a squad.

FIXED - Lair playlist uses wrong image.

FIXED - Various spectator mode issues.

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