Y4S3 Ember Rise Patch Notes Addendum

Many changes have been made over the course of the Ember Rise Test Server period. Below you will find the additional patch notes for Operation Ember Rise.


For full details and insights into the Y4S3 balancing changes, please see our Pre-Season Designer’s Notes.

  • Defuse timer changed to 7 seconds (from 5s) for both Ranked and Unranked playlists. Casual playlist still at 5s defuse timer.
  • Hostage position in 2F Theatre room on Coastline has been moved to in front of the TV.
  • Slightly increased vulnerability radius of deployable shields and Volcan shields to explosives.


  • Goyo – Fire from Volcan Shield fire AoE duration lowered to 10s (previously 12s).


  • G8A1 magazines (IQ and Amaru) increased to 301 (up from 201) in PvP. PvE increased to 401 (from 201).


  • SMG Recoil Animation Update - With Ember Rise we updated the SMG animations and now each one has it's own unique set of animations. The resulting effect is that there is less perceived shaking when ADS. This is an update to the animation only and recoil has not changed.

  • RFF: We have delayed the following updates while we work on a few things.

    • Player Behavior – Playlists lock after leaving a ranked game.
    • Player Behavior – RFF Squad management.
    • Player Comfort – New surrender parameters.

We’ll provide an updated timeline for these changes when they are closer to release.



  • FIXED – Hot breaching exploit.

  • FIXED – Reloading of an extra shell in all non–magazine fed shotguns.

  • FIXED – Frag grenades remains in the player's hands if you attempt to ADS and use the gadget before the ADS animation completes.

  • FIXED – Nitro cell sometimes wont detonate.

  • FIXED – Reinforcing a wall after attaching a shield in a nearby door way will destroy the shield.

  • FIXED – Full ADS accuracy is not attained when ADS animation is completed.

  • FIXED – While vaulting, ADS is misaligned for operators with ballistic shields.

  • FIXED – ADS shooting animation is delayed after sprinting when angled grip is equipped,

  • FIXED – Advance deployment gauge does not match the real deployment time of the Deployable shield V2.

  • FIXED – Quickly switching between secondary and primary gadgets will cancel the deployment animation.

  • FIXED – Improper breach charge explosion can result in damage or death of players on deploying end.

  • FIXED – Detonating a "Breach Charge" does not pull operator out of ADS.

  • FIXED – Breach charges can kill a player through a soft wall that was not destroyed.

  • FIXED – Two shields can be placed within the same double doorframe. One doorframe = one deployable shield.

  • FIXED – Deployable shields cannot be attached onto two doors that are close to each other.

  • FIXED – Player is unable to attach a shield on a door after a previous shield was attached to it and destroyed.

  • FIXED – Weapon rotation and lean transition times are out of sync.

  • FIXED – Switching between spectating the owner of a drone and the drone can remove SFX of jammed drones and pest SFX.

  • RFF:

    • FIXED – Currently, if Volcan shield explodes and kills the hostage, the player that detonated the explosion is responsible. Now Goyo/his team are responsible in all situations. Goyo’s Volcan shield kills will follow the same design philosophy of Smoke/Capitao – if the hostage dies or goes into DBNO from the shield, Goyo is responsible. If Goyo leaves the game/disconnects, his team is responsible.
    • FIXED – Missing RFF icon in kill log and death cam replay if a player suicides by bleeding out during DBNO as a result of RFF.
    • FIXED – Suiciding after RFF is active gives the wrong message and killfeed icon.
    • FIXED – Situations: RFF UI appears when player dies while holding the hostage.
    • FIXED – RFF: When hostage is killed by Volcan Shield while Goyo is dead, his team is responsible. Intent: In line with our RFF design philosophy, as long as Goyo is in the game, dead or alive, he should be responsible for the hostage death.



  • FIXED – Audio detection warning for attackers when teammate triggers an Alibi prisma.
  • FIXED – Alibi Prisma will cancel the pick-up prompt when placed closed to a Deployable shield V2, when player is not the host of the session.


  • FIXED – Red marker for Garra Launcher will sometimes not appear for hatches if used at a bad angle.
  • FIXED – Various incorrect landing zones when reeling.
  • FIXED – Mismatched/conflicts with rappel zones for Amaru’s Garra Launcher.
  • FIXED – Weapon autoswap for Amaru is slow when reeling to a rappel zone with a railing.
  • FIXED – Amaru can reel before being put into DBNO after falling.
  • FIXED – From a third person POV, after Amaru uses her Garra Launcher, other players cannot see her cooldown animation or the no ammo one. (It appears as if her gadget is not on cooldown and she has uses still available).
  • FIXED – Teammates are unable to retrieve the defuser if Amaru was carrying it and is killed mid–air while reeling from certain spots.


  • FIXED – Maverick can cancel bandit's shock wire placement animation when using the blowtorch on the same wall.


  • FIXED – Blackbeard cannot enter ADS after equipping his rifle shield while performing a full reload.


  • FIXED – Blitz instant ADS after using gadget.


  • FIXED – If the player spams primary and secondary gadget inputs, Buck is able to use an invisible primary weapon with the hostage.
  • FIXED – Broken recoil animation for Nomad and Buck when shooting and switching between primary and gadget.


  • FIXED – Caveira stepping on Trax Stinger cancels stealth and keeps draining energy from the gadget.


  • FIXED – Clash CCE shield can clip through Clash’s body if spamming weapon/shield swapping.
  • FIXED – Clash VFX issues when equipping CCE Shield.


  • FIXED – Yokai Concussion VFX is shorter if the player is already in motion when hit by the Sonic Burst.
  • FIXED – Inconsistent behavior when using Echo’s Yokai’s sonic burst from above a ceiling fan.


  • FIXED – A grzmot mine detonated between a planted defuser and a wall will have no effect for the defender.


  • FIXED – Finka sprints empty handed when using her primary weapon SPEAR.308.


  • FIXED – Goyo’s shield can disappear when Thunt bots throw grenades or vault over it in Laundry Room, House.
  • FIXED – Killing Goyo while he’s picking up his shield can result in a crash.
  • FIXED – Barbed wire isn’t destroyed by Volcan Shield explosion.


  • FIXED – If her gadget is active, IQ's animation can freeze when picking up a claymore.


  • FIXED – Jager’s model can get stuck and player will lose control/functionality when deploying his ADS.


  • FIXED – Iron sight on Maverick’s M4 is stretched.


  • FIXED – Mute is not interrupted by the Echo drone when deploying his gadget.
  • FIXED – Picking back up a deployed Mozzie pest or Mute jammer disables the SFX of other pests/jammers for players who are on their drone when that happens.


  • FIXED – When Nomad’s Air Jab is activated by a prone player, players can lose operator functionality.
  • FIXED – Nomad's Airjab doesn't interrupt Caveira's Silent Step.
  • FIXED – Glitched Nomad Airjab launcher equip animation when vaulting.
  • FIXED – Certain steps can let Nomad load an extra airjab.


  • FIXED – Thatcher Debuff icon progression animation does not match the effect duration in server matches.
  • FIXED – Thatcher EMPs can be destroyed by explosives.


  • FIXED – Warden’s hands and weapon are out of sync when transitioning between ADS or sprinting.


  • FIXED – Excessive Valkyrie Black Eye glitch VFX.
  • FIXED - Valkyrie Black Eye camera pivot point. We have fixed the camera inside Valkyrie’s Black Eye Cams by putting the camera back closer to its intended pivot point. This change brings the Black Cams back to their intended use and scope of vision, and prevents players from seeing through solid objects that shouldn’t be seen through, preventing potential exploitation of her cams.


  • FIXED – Various visual texture and LOD issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Various lighting issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Various clipping issues on maps.


  • FIXED – Glass from the skylines on Bank make no noise when shattered with gadgets.
  • FIXED – Drones can clip into the walls from EXT Terrace on Bank.


  • FIXED – Defenders are able to reinforce the destroyed trap door located in 2F Armory Desk room of Border.


  • FIXED – Players can go onto the purple tarps on coastline.
  • FIXED – Explosions don’t do damage at EXT South Promenande on Coastline.
  • FIXED – LOS on Coastline from Main Entrance.
  • FIXED – Drone clipping into ruined wall at EXT Ruins of Coastline.
  • Missing hard surface restrictions on Coastline which allow players to detonate cluster charges and candelas inside the wall.


  • FIXED – Echo’s Yokai can be attached under an invisible object in 1F Lobby of Clubhouse.
  • FIXED – Ying Candelas and Fuze Cluster Charges can’t be deployed on certain surfaces in Clubhouse due to impediments.
  • FIXED – Defenders can be shot through a reinforcement while deploying in 2F Bathroom of Clubhouse.
  • FIXED – Pixel LOS on Clubhouse in EXT Parking.


  • FIXED – Players can rappel onto an invisible ledge in Hereford.


  • FIXED – Collision near trees results in a fatal fall when rappelling from the roof on Kafe.


  • KANAL rework bug fixes over the TS include: fixes to pixel peeks, spawn peeks, long LOS, object bullet penetration issues, drone clipping issues, out-of-bounds issues, etc. (see Test Server Patch Notes for full details).


  • FIXED – Operators with a dark uniform can be hard to spot when crouched next to the bed in 2F Dorm Room of Oregon.

FIXED – Defuser can be planted inside the drawer of 2F Kids Dorms on Oregon.


  • FIXED – Barricade for eastern window in 2F Master Bedroom of Villa sometimes fails to load.
  • FIXED – Players can hide in the bar of 2F games Room on Villa.
  • FIXED – Fuze cluster charges can get stuck and explode inside the floor if placed too close to the hard surface area near the pool table at 2F Games Room of Villa.
  • FIXED – Painting hooks remain floating after wall destruction, retain collision physics.
  • Valkyrie can place a Black Eye behind the curtain at 1F Red Stairs on Villa.


  • FIXED – Mysterious Garage (it has mysteriously vanished 👀).
  • Menu and UI SFX + VFX improvements and updates.
  • FIXED – Various model clipping/animation issues.
  • FIXED – Various spectator mode issues.
  • FIXED – Kill feed shows RFF icon when player kills the last enemy.
  • FIXED – Report Griefing and Report Voice Abuse report options are not available when reporting a non–friend player.
  • FIXED – Missing dropped magazine objects after reloading.
  • FIXED – Operators can see their weapons and shield when going onto cams.
  • FIXED – Updated Rate of Fire UI stats for various weapons in game to match actual RoF.
  • FIXED – Missing bullet decals from new deployable shield.
  • FIXED – After reconnecting to a Ranked match, the “ongoing ranked match” ribbon remains and prevents player from starting any other multiplayer modes that are not Ranked.
  • FIXED – Title remains stuck on loading screen if player is playing a Situation without completing the previous one in a single play session.
  • FIXED – Controller-specific icons not showing properly on PC.
  • FIXED – Shield Operator’s shields flip upside down when they go into observation mode while walking.
  • FIXED – Operator hands can clip inside while deploying the deployable shield.

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