Rainbow Six Siege X Halo Crossover Brings Master Chief Set for Sledge

It's time to siege the day and finish the fight as Rainbow Six Siege introduces a new Halo crossover featuring an Elite set for Sledge that outfits him in the armor of the Master Chief. Included in the set are the Spartan-117 headgear and uniform inspired by the Master Chief's armor in Halo Infinite, as well as a gadget skin that reimagines Sledge's breaching hammer as a Banished Gravity Hammer. There are weapon skins for Sledge's primary (M590A1 shotgun and L825A2 assault rifle) and secondary (P226 MK25 pistol) weapons, as well as Operator cards, a victory celebration, and the Cortana Chibi charm. The Elite set can be purchased with R6 credits and is available now in the in-game store.

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