Sound and music have always been of the utmost importance in Siege. Each year since launch, we have released an album with all of the seasons tracks to provide to all players their favorite game music. May this be the main theme of Rainbow Six Siege or the Invitational main theme – we all have some memories with Siege’s music.

With “Postmatch”, we wanted to provide our players with a brand-new way of listening to Siege. Something that would be more soothing, that would fill the time between their games. We partnered with Kill Miami, JonyBeats, Rohaan, Kaze Beats, Kyle Evans, Riddle, and WIZE to create twenty tracks inspired by Siege. Some will probably recognize famous melodies or stems from the game soundtrack, and we hope that everyone will deeply enjoy it.

In addition, we wanted this new album to be usable by all community members without fear of copyright issue. Our commitment to our content creators goes beyond the game. While we have announced a soft launch of the long-awaited streamer mode, we wanted to provide everyone with an option when it comes to music to broadcast during their stream. This Siege-inspired LoFi album has been created with creators in mind. You will find more information and the terms of use below.

List of tracks

  1. Prep Montage
  2. Rainbow Lounge
  3. Evening Bork
  4. Industry of Design
  5. On Leave
  6. Underground
  7. Urban Jungle
  8. Riddle in the sky
  9. Sunday Waking
  10. Unrattled Pride
  11. Celestial Journey
  12. Jam & Flow
  13. Debrief Beats
  14. Low Growl
  15. Speakeasy
  16. High Rise, Low Pulse
  17. Invitation to Dream
  18. Unanswered Questions
  19. Ocean View
  20. Breathless static

We have partnered with amazing artists for this album who – inspired by our themes and stems – have created these amazing tracks. All of these tracks have been cleared reducing your chance to be stricken down, this is why you will find a download button in this article. However, we cannot allow commercial use of these tracks - meaning you can still use them in your streams and videos (even if you accumulate donations or subscriptions from them) but they should not be involved in commercial project.

Every time you use our music, please add the proper credit –

Kill Miami, JonyBeats, Rohaan, Kaze Beats, Kyle Evans, Riddle, and WIZE
© Copyright: 2021 Ubisoft Music
℗ Production: 2021 Ubisoft Music


Where can I listen to this album?
On all streaming platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer or YouTube…

When will this be available?
It is available starting today – November 12th.

Can I use these tracks for my videos/livestreams?
Yes – at the condition that you are restricting yourself to the tracks of this album and that you don’t just repost them.

Can I use the music to promote my product?
No – this does not tick the boxes of our usage guidelines.

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