“Acceptable casualties? Nah.” – Tubarão

It's time to turn down the heat with Operation DEEP FREEZE! The new season is just around the corner, and there's no better time to introduce our newest Defense Operator Isaac "Tubarão" Nunes Oliviera. 

Growing up in Ponta Delgada in Portugal, earthquakes and underwater eruptions were the norm. It taught Tubarão the value of mutual aid and community, making him a perfect fit for WOLFGUARD. He takes accountability for every life in his jurisdiction, and his teammates will be thankful for the freezing power of the ZOTO CANISTER. Not only can it slow opponents, the ZOTO CANISTER freezes electronic devices, and can even pause deployment for mechanical devices.  

The ZOTO CANISTER is a throwable device that can stick to any surface with a lot of utility. It can insulate metal from electricity, and even reveal footprints if the opponent walks on the frozen area. Attack Operators will want to wait for the freezing effect to dissipate before pushing in, but if you can't wait, Buck's SKELETON KEY or Sledge's TACTICAL BREACHING HAMMER can be reliable options against the ZOTO CANISTER. 

With the NITRO CELL and PROXIMITY ALARM as secondary options, Tubarão focuses on utility denial making him a great operator for asymmetric strategies with focus on verticality. 2 HEALTH, 2 SPEED, and the AR-15 and MPX as primary weapon options and the P226 MK25 as his secondary weapon, denying breach from the attack is the foundation of Tubarão's gameplay. 

Tubarão is driven by his unwavering dedication to civilian safety. During his time in the DAE, he would always ensure that civilians were insulated from hostile activity, going above and beyond what anyone else would do. His empathy and skills made him a high performing specialist, the perfect candidate to be recruited in to WOLFGUARD. 

Test out Tubarão and his chilling abilities on the Test Server starting November 13.

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