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July 12
12 pm PDT
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#SixInvitational #R6Valentine


  • Open Snapchat App
  • Point camera at the Snapcode
  • Tap + hold to unlock the Lens

[R6S] SI2020 Lens 1

[R6S] SI2020 Lens 2

[R6S] SI2020 Lens 3

[R6S] SI2020 Lens 4

[R6S] SI2020 Paint 1

[R6S] SI2020 Paint 2

[R6S] SI2020 Paint 3

[R6S] SI2020 Capitao Lens

[R6S] SI2020 Fuze Lens

[R6S] SI2020 IQ Lens

[R6S] SI2020 Monty Lens

[R6S] SI2020 Chanka Lens

[R6S] SI2020 Thermite Lens

[R6S] SI2020 Vigil Lens