R6Fix Rewards Update

We first want to thank everyone who used R6Fix last year!

In Year 8, you can now earn even more rewards and you know what is at stake: Alpha Packs!

[R6S] News - R6Fix Incentives Update - R6 REVEAL Y8S2 R6Fix REWARD

What if we told you there are even more ways to earn Alpha Packs with R6Fix?

In addition to the existing criteria, here are the new ways you can receive additional codes for 3 Alpha Packs (1 rare, 1 epic, 1 legendary):

  • You submit 2 issues that reach the Under Investigation status. You will receive the usual codes depending on the highest severity issue and an additional code for the second issue. (Strength in numbers!)

  • Your issue is a MUST FIX and reaches the Promoted status, GG, you will earn a code!

  • You will receive one extra code for any OUTSTANDING contribution. For example, you posted video evidence (not videos of your cat*) that helped our team fix the issue.

  • Last but not least, you found an exploit. Don't exploit it, report it instead! If valid (we repeat, if VALID), you will earn an extra code.

For each of these 4 criteria, you can earn 1 code maximum per season.

So, are you ready, Operator? Head over to R6Fix, grab your shield and help us defend Siege from bugs.

Don't forget to take a look at our FAQ, if you need a mission brief, you can also check out our previous article available here for more information about the R6Fix program.

Thanks again for your contribution and see you soon!

*Seriously, if you post cat videos, you may be banned from the platform indefinitely, so as much as we love cat videos - please don't.

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