“Sometimes the only path to justice is through a bullet...” – Brava

In Operation COMMANDING FORCE hard decisions lay ahead, and who better to handle the situation than our newest Attacker: BRAVA. Joining the VIPERSTRIKE squad, Brava knows the weight of her choices can mean the difference between success and failure on the field.

With the KLUDGE DRONE in her arsenal capable of sabotaging the opponent’s tools and using them to her own advantage, BRAVA brings a powerful observation tool to the team. With 1 HEALTH, 3 SPEED, and the PARA-308 and CAMRS as primary weapons, Brava can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, especially with the SMOKE GRENADE and CLAYMORE as gadget options.

The KLUDGE DRONE connects to opponent devices from a distance and allows BRAVA to use them for her own means. If the device can’t be converted, it’s destroyed. Defenders will need to rely on SOLIS’ SPEC-IO ELECTRO SENSOR to spot the drone before it can do any serious damage, or MOZZIE’S PEST to catch it.

Born in Curitiba Brazil and working with COT and specializing in counter tactics BRAVA turned impossible situations into successes because she is willing to do what’s needed, even when it requires sacrifice.

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