“I may not have a family, but I have Redhammer.” – Ram

Break through to the other side in Operation HEAVY METTLE, where nothing can stand against the unstoppable force that is our newest attack Operator: Bo-Ram Choi. 

Joining the REDHAMMER team, Ram is just as relentless as she is protective of her team, and nothing speaks to these qualities more than the newest device she brings to the field The BU-GI AUTO BREACHER. Once deployed, the BU-GI destroys all devices and breakable objects in the way, making Ram a terrifying destruction Operator. With 3 HEALTH, 1 SPEED and the option to bring the STUN GRENADE Ram moves with intent and deadly precision, and whatever the BU-GI can't destroy, she has the answer with the HARD BREACH CHARGE as another option for her loadout. The R4C and MK1 9mm are safe choices for her, but when she wants to get loud in a way only REDHAMMER can, she has the LMG-E and ITA 12s as options for her loadout. 

The BU-GI AUTO-BREACHER is a miniature tank that can be deployed anywhere, and will destroy any breakable objects in the way, including floors. Ram can deploy the BU-GI from a safe position and then set the trajectory, letting destruction run Rampant without her need to be there. Defense Operators are going to want to rely on SOLIS' SPEC-IO ELECTRO-SENSOR to spot the device before it's activated and destroy it with IMPACT GRENADES or can rely on GOYO'S VOLCAN CANISTER to stop the push that follows the BU-GI. 

From Busan, South Korea, she grew up in orphanages and served in the Republic of Korea Armed Forces the moment she came of age. Raising quickly through the ranks, she was recruited in to an all-female CTU unit known as Tarantula. Ram has now found her new family in REDHAMMER, a family that appreciate her destructive force and fierce focus.

Check out the destructive power of Ram on Test Servers starting August 14th.

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