From October 27 to November 10


It’s All Hallows’ Eve. Creeping away from the horrors of the battlefield, Frost indulges in the nostalgic fun of Halloweens’ past: candy. Surrounded by the corpses of her sweet delights, our hero dozes off, succumbing to her dwindling sugar rush.

But the night is dark and stormy, and Frost’s mind is filled with nightmares of monsters, corn syrup and… puppets! Now herself turned into a wool creature, she must fend for her life and escape the abyss of her mind alive and satiated.

From October 27 to November 10 2020, experience the chills of Sugar Fright!


10 Operators are getting the nightmare treatment, trading their flesh and blood for fabric and stuffing! If you feel up to the task for a ghostly haunt around the Neighborhood, pick your team and show us what you are made of.

Our Attackers dressed up as the Tricksters and are ready to look for candy all night. They will stop at nothing to satisfy their sweet tooth.

IQ, the Ambitious Puppet - Zofia, the Untamed Puppet - Nomad, the Unwavering Puppet - Capitao, the Commanding Puppet - Thermite, the Trickster Puppet

They’ll be facing the wrath of rival sugar hunters, the Treaters. Composed of the familiar – but now sewn – faces of unlucky Defenders. Lead by our hero and ultimate dream survivor, Frost, the Tireless Puppet, they will stop at nothing to stuff their faces with cake at sundown.

Pulse, the Wistful Puppet - Ela, the Impetuous Puppet - Castle, the Diplomatic Puppet - Goyo, the Unassuming Puppet


Survive the Sweet Hunt, a PVP game where two teams of five face off to collect 50 sweets dropped from player kills in one round of 10 minutes or less.

In a spooky map called Neighborhood, our Tricksters and Treaters collect sweets dropped from enemies to earn points or pick up the ones dropped from allies to block their opponents from those points. If you bite the dust don’t worry, your demise won’t leave you in limbo.

Each player killed will enter support mode then respawn to get back into action. Talk about being undead…

For this event, the custom game option will be made available. Leaving the event will create a leave penalty, for ranked and unranked playlist (30min sanction).


Keep your eyes on the prize and log in during the event to receive a free Sugar Fright pack, filled with some of our 32 available items. You may get a chance to receive our pack-exclusive seasonal weapon skin and charm.

On the operator side, our ten screamers get turned into living dummies, each of them getting a headgear, uniform and weapon skin. These items will be available in Operators Bundles for 1680 credits each or in Sugar Fright Packs for 300 R6Credits or 12,500 Renown. Finish your look off with the Burnt Manikin charm!

Won’t sell your soul? Our frightfully fun Challenges also allow you to earn Packs, and they will have you coming back again - and again, and again… Happy Halloween!

Find out all the information about the Sugar Fright event on our website and on Twitter.



Party Challenge

Play a match of Sugar Fright with a team of 5 to earn a Sugar Fright pack.



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