Level up your chosen REACT Operator in a deep progression system. Improve their abilities, boost their stats, and gain access to new loadout and gadgets options, including powerful combat perks.



Driven to optimize his unconventional tactics and operational efficiency, Echo can respond to threats immediately and effectively. Even outside of incursions, his technical skills in robotics can be a boon to REACT’s R&D and specialized UAV fleet. In the field, his off-the-cuff thinking can increase a squad’s effectiveness at gathering intel.

Level Up


Deploys a hover drone that can release sonic bursts, attracting enemies in the area.



The SG-Supernova is a shotgun available at the begining of the game. You can unlock additional weapons through your progression.

25 REACT Gadgets

REACT Tech brings entirely new weaponry and tools to the fight. Your squad will have a variety of specialty gadgets at your disposal.

Glue Grenade

Slow the Archæans by hindering their movement and gain a tactical advantage.

Arc Mine

Quickly eliminate multiple oncoming threats around corners with the Arc Mine.

Field Wall

Deploys on impact a barrier wall that blocks parasite projectiles.


This tool can help you spot Archæans by activating their bioluminescence. It can be used to detect them through walls.

Scan Mine

Scan mines can provide an extra set of eyes when covering multiple positions.