March 20, 2024

Prince of Persia™: The Lost Crown Warriors Path Content

With the Warrior's Path Update for Prince of Persia™: The Lost Crown, your game receives new ways to challenge yourself and experience the game. The new Permadeath Mode, along with the Speedrun Mode will certainly not be for the faint of heart. The update also includes some great quality of life changes, and several gauging-your-eyes-out-they-are-so-pretty outfits.

The game also received a fresh technical check-up. For more details on the release notes of Update 1.1.0 and the changes in this update, click here.

/!\ If your game is not automatically updated, please be sure to do so manually by using the dedicated service of your platform.

Permadeath Mode

We've seen your platinum trophies, but how about a real challenge?

Introducing Permadeath Mode: Play the game with only one life and no second chances!

You read that right; when you die with this game modifier applied, you must start a new game.

[PoP] News - Warriors Update Content - Endscreen game over

Here are some first tips to survive this menace of a challenge:

  • Be sure to use the Wak-Wak tree as often as you can to restore your health and change out your amulets as needed

  • Make sure to upgrade your gear and buy as many health potions as you can you never know when you'll need them

  • Head off the main path and find the soma tree petals to increase your health bar

To enable Permadeath Mode just start a new game, and you will see the option!

If you succeed in beating the game with this mode enabled, not only will you have earned massive amounts of respect from our development team, but you'll also receive a brilliant outfit. If you are up for an extra challenge, try beating the game on Immortal difficulty in Permadeath Mode, and yet another outfit awaits you.

Speedrun Mode

Want to test your running skills and see how quickly you can beat the game?

Introducing Speedrun Mode: race against time to beat your own records and keep track of your best attempts at completing the game as quickly as possible.

[PoP] News - Warriors Update Content - Main menu stats speedrun

Beat the set time to earn a new outfit and bragging rights among your friends and fellow Prince of Persia fans!

Fariba's Hints

You can now purchase Treasure Maps from Fariba, in the Haven, with time Crystals. Each treasure map purchased adds the location of all chests in a previously visited area on your Eye of the Wanderer map. To purchase a treasure map, you must first own the specific map of the relevant area.

  • After finishing the main story of the game, a special map can be purchased to Fariba: it unveils all the Lore items that remain to be found in the game, throughout Mount Qaf.

[PoP] News - Warriors Update Content - fariba hidden treasures

Quality of Life

New accessibility options were added to the game:

  • New option to enable 'Omnidirectional Parry'

    • Allowing you to parry an attack coming from behind, above or below you
  • Custom Difficulty parameters range extended

    • Notably: The Parry Difficulty can now be set to "Very Easy"
    • Enemy Damage and Enemy Health have wider ranges
  • New 'Auto Athra refill' option in Custom Difficulty

  • New option to 'Hide the HUD'

  • New option to adjust background Audio level.

  • Misc: Support of 120Hz on Xbox Series S

Fashion Week

We heard you like outfits, so, how about something with a touch of nostalgia?

[PoP] News - Warriors Update Content - TLC Screenshot CU1 Outfit v2

This new outfit for Sargon will be unlocked immediately with the download of the new update.

However, the other outfits will require great effort to obtain.

The other outfits include:

  • Swift Sargon (Silver): Unlocked when defeating the game in Speedrun Mode in less than 10 hours, at any difficulty.

  • Holo Chroma (Sands of Time alt color): Unlocked when defeating the game in Permadeath Mode, at any difficulty.

  • Gold: Unlocked when defeating the game in Permadeath Mode in 'Immortal' difficulty. (seriously tho, who does this?)

Prince of Persia™: The Lost Crown is out now on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, or Amazon Luna!

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