November 30, 2020

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Embrace Your Inner Greek God: Which Skills and Godly Powers Should You Start With?

During your time with Immortals Fenyx Rising, you’ll want to take advantage of every opportunity to master your abilities as you tap into the powers of the gods. This is where Immortals’ two ability trees, representing Skills and Godly Powers, come in.

As you progress across the Golden Isle, you’ll regularly unlock powerful abilities that allow you to craft an experience that fits your own personal playstyle. Below, you’ll learn about the differences between these two ability trees and get the inside scoop on some of the essential Skills and Godly Powers for kickstarting your adventure.


With both active and passive abilities to unlock, Skills offer improvements to your general combat and navigation abilities. You’ll face many mythological creatures on your journey, so discovering new ways to use your weapons and more easily get around the world will give you a leg up on the competition.

Skills are accessed through the Abilities page in the Character menu and upgraded at the River Styx Cistern in the Hall of the Gods. Be sure to keep an eye open for Coins of Charon as you complete puzzles across the Golden Isle, as these will serve as your currency to access and unlock different skills.

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Recommended Skills

Early in your adventure, you’ll have to choose wisely as you select the Skills best suited to your preferred playstyle. Don’t know where to start? Associate Game Director, Julien Galloudec has you covered with his recommendations for useful early-game Skills:

Climb Leap:

Improve your climbing to access hard-to-reach areas around the Golden Isle and worry less about Stamina.

Glide Boost:

Maximize the efficiency of your Glide ability in order to reach your next destination much faster with this upgrade.

Axe Cleave:

Deal damage while airborne and quickly return to the ground to continue your barrage of attacks, minimizing downtime in battle.

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Godly Powers

Godly Powers are active abilities that give you a significant edge in battle. These represent the most powerful abilities available to Fenyx and fundamentally change how you approach the world around you, from unlocking a useful companion to easily taking on multiple enemies at once.

Similar to Skills, Godly Powers are located on the Abilities page in the Character menu and are upgraded at the River Styx Cistern in the Hall of the Gods with Coins of Charon.

Recommended Godly Powers

Given how game-changing they are, it can be difficult to decide where to start with such powerful Godly Powers at your disposal. Julien Galloudec recommends starting your adventure off with the following Godly Powers:

Ares’s Wrath:

Use this power to effectively triple jump while navigating and extend aerial combos in combat while dealing stun damage. Not only does this increase enemy downtime and your own survivability, but it’s like getting two powers for the price of one!

Herakles Leap:

This powerful leap towards enemies is useful for closing the gap and maneuvering around while in combat. It’s a great way to deal with aerial foes, who make up some of the more difficult encounters early on.


Every adventure needs a co-pilot, so you’ll want to unlock your phoenix companion, Phosphorus, early! Not only does Phosphorus lend a hand in battle by stunning enemies, he has a number of tricks up his feathered sleeves that will help you blend into your surroundings.

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That’s only the beginning, though! Immortals Fenyx Rising offers a wide array of Skills and Godly Powers for you to master. How will you equip yourself to tackle the adventure ahead of you?

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