November 30, 2020

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Take a Tour of the Hall of The Gods, Your Progression Hub!

Early in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you’ll be introduced to the Hall of the Gods. This safe haven has been blessed by the gods and serves as your hub for all things progression, including upgrading equipment, stats, abilities and more. You’ll want to make sure to return here often! To help get your bearings, this article will break down each of the Hall’s upgrade stations and their importance.

[IFR] Hall of the Gods Progression Hub 2-Stamina-Health-Ability-Resources-Infographic

Bench of Zeus
At the Bench of Zeus, upgrade your max Stamina with the use of Zeus’s lightning, allowing you to climb and glide for longer as you explore the Golden Isle. Need more of Zeus’s Lightning? You’ll earn this valuable resource as you complete the many Vaults of Tartaros.

Kylix of Athena
The Kylix of Athena allows you to upgrade your max Health by spending Ambrosia. More Health equals better survivability, so you’ll want to prioritize this when possible. Ambrosia can be found throughout the Golden Isle, so be sure to keep your eyes open and make regular use of Far Sight to spot it while exploring.

River Styx Cistern
Be sure to solve puzzles scattered throughout the world in order to gain Coins of Charon. With these, you can upgrade your Skills and Godly Powers which unlock a wide range of new abilities that are sure to elevate your combat and exploration.

[IFR] Hall of the Gods Progression Hub 3-Gear-Upgrade-Resources-Infographic

Forge of Hephaistos
Utilize the Forge of Hephaistos to upgrade your equipment and carry capacity. Your adventure will be filled with fearsome mythological foes, so having the latest upgrades will be essential to your success. Locate Adamantine Shards of different colors to unlock these upgrades.

  • Yellow: Yellow shards are found in chests around the Golden Isle and in Vaults of Tartaros. They are used to upgrade potion and arrow carry capacities.
  • Blue: Blue shards are earned by defeating most enemies and are used to upgrade weapons, armor, and helmets.
  • Red: Red shards are found in guarded chests and by defeating unique enemies that are above your skill level, most notably Lieutenants and Legendaries. They are used to upgrade weapons.
  • Purple: Purple shards are only found in epic chest and are used to upgrade armor and helmets.

Cauldron of Circe
Visit the Cauldron of Circe to make use of the ingredients you’ve gathered throughout your travels and craft them into various potions that will aid you in battle. Not only this, but you’ll also be able to upgrade the effects of your potions here.

[IFR] Hall of the Gods Progression Hub 4-Potion-Resources-Infographic

Aphrodite’s Beauty Chair
Care to change your appearance? Visit Aphrodite’s Chair to do so. At this spot, you’ll be able to easily alter Fenyx’s body, facial, hair, and voice features.

[IFR] Hall of the Gods Progression Hub 5 Appearance-Screenshot

Hermes’s Heroic Task Board
Finally, if you’re looking for that next big quest, check Hermes’s Heroic Task Board to see a breakdown of new objectives. These are broken up between Heroic Tasks and Live Daily & Weekly Tasks, and are offered by Hermes for different rewards.

Heroic Tasks earn exclusive rewards and can be tracked through the map or by using Far Sight, while Live Tasks earn Elektrum, which can be spent at Fleet-Footed Merch for premium items that rotate weekly.

Have you got all that? From your first steps in the Golden Isle, you’ll quickly become familiar with the Hall of the Gods. Think of it as your home away from home and make sure you return often to make sure you’re equipped with the strongest gear and abilities possible!

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