Season 2: The Aftermath

Neo Arcadia will never be the same

The Hyper Scape is changing

As Neo Arcadia evolves, discover new areas and new ways to rise up and claim victory.

New Champions

Many exciting new Champions are joining the fight in Season 2 as they battle for the crown in Neo Arcadia.

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New Season 2 Features

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New Gun: Atrax

The Atrax is a 2-Handed Chemical Rifle shooting sticky and explosive projectiles that detonate on contact or after a timer. Exotic and powerful, it’s the perfect weapon for the most creative shooters.

New Hack: Platform

Coming mid-season. The Platform hack deploys a rectangular platform at your feet, to protect you from falling at the wrong time or to help you soar to new heights!

New District: Memorial Hill

The north of Neo-Arcadia will never be the same! Explore, fight and claim your loot in the brand new Memorial District and Landmark!

Player Ranking

Eager to know how you compare with other players? Player Ranking V1 takes the score of your 10 best matches and grants you a Bronze, Silver or Gold Rank.

Daily Gift

Get a new gift every day you play Hyper Scape! Battle Points, currency, cosmetic item? A new surprise is waiting for you in the Daily Shop!

New Season 2 Features

More InfoRead Patchnote

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Season 2 Battle Pass


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