March 5 2021



We're happy to announce that Hyper Scape's third season will release on March 11. In this blog post, we've highlighted new features and updates that we've been working on these past few months. This is more of a brief glimpse of what's to come in season three, and we hope this will get you excited for what's next! The full patch will be released on March 11.

World Update

Hyper Scape S3 Preview Pic1

Welcome to Neo Arcadia 2.0, Contenders. The bigger map now features new key landmarks, more diversified terrain, and more identifiable zones for players to traverse. We really wanted each area to have its own personality. For example:

  • A dark corruption has caused a mysterious temple to appear in the sky. The corruption didn't stop there, the corruption found near Tora Garden has spread all the way to the Limelight Theater. What is causing all of this? What are these otherworldly tentacles coming out of the ground?

  • If you're looking for some fresh air, maybe take a walk near Javert Tower. High in the sky, surrounded by water and some boats, you're sure to see your enemies coming towards you!

Neo Arcadia 2.0 will challenge our veteran players to keep up the pace with newcomers jumping into it for the first time.

Main takeaways:

  • More open spaces and variety in the combat encounters with other players.

  • More variety across the world and zones. Each zone feels different and offer a different gameplay style.

  • Chests now spawn 100% of the time and loot can also be found outside to adjust to the bigger open areas that you'll find in the map.

Hyper Scape S3 Preview Pic2

-The World Cell

Game Balance & Accessibility Update

Hyper Scape S3 Preview Pic3

Our priority on the team is always to make sure that the sandbox experience feels fun, fast, challenging and exciting. First of all, we're spicing things up this season by adding a new Hack: the Firewall. Activate it to place a curved small shoot-through barrier in front of you. Enemy bullets and projectiles are blocked and damage the barrier, however friendly bullets and projectiles can pass through. We can't wait to see how players will use this Hack and elevate their playstyles.

In terms of balancing, we’re always reading what the community has to say about specific weapons, Hacks and aspects of the gunplay in the game. As such, we are reducing damage to the D-TAP, Komodo and Mammoth Mark I weapons. These weapons are too dominant right now and needed a few adjustments. In terms of aim assist changes, we’ve further reduced the size of the “head” volume used by our bullet magnet system to remove confusion between body and headshots. Finally, the controller adhesion has been further reduced to promote a fairer experience when Controller and Keyboard & Mouse players are playing together. Controller players still get adhesion to help their crosshair stay on a target while they’re aiming with a controller, but at a lower intensity.

Other changes we've made includes improving the legibility of combat-sensitive UI elements for squadmates and enemies. For instance, enemy health bars should now be much easier to read. The local player and squadmate colors should now be consistent across all game modes and more easily differentiable between friendlies and enemies: your team will always be Blue and the enemy team will always be Red. Lastly, you will now see enemy contenders shooting near you appear briefly on the compass. We're hoping this will make it easier to identify threats during heated fights and give more options to players.

This is only some of the changes you'll be able to experience when the season launches, and we can't wait to see the feedback from the community.

-The Combat & Accessibility Cell

Player Activities Update

Hyper Scape S3 Preview Pic4

One of the biggest updates in the season happens in between matches. Players will get to experience a new and improved game flow going from one match to the next. What you're seeing in this image is the new end of match main menu.

Players will now land in this menu after each completed match they participate in. The new menu uses a tab structure to quickly access several key areas of the game while waiting for the next match or wait to squad up friends. Less time waiting between games means more chances to win the Crown! The following can be viewed from this new menu:

  • Play -- Modify game mode, view Challenges, invite a friend and view profile & stats
  • Battle Pass -- View progress, inspect items and buy the Battle Pass or tiers
  • Rank -- View current ranking, top 10 ranked matches and seasonal ranking stats
  • Shop -- Claim the Daily Gift, visit the Daily & Weekly Shop and buy Bitcrowns
  • Locker -- Change the look of your Champion, weapons and more
  • Memories -- Read the lore and backstory of the Champions of Hyper Scape via the Memory Shards

All these actions will be possible without having to return to the Hyper Scape HUB! We've also added the possibility to browse portals while matchmaking is ongoing. While it continues in the background, you will be able do the many activities already mentioned above.

Another important change is that we have significantly reduced the waiting time that would normally appear in the Lobby. Players will no longer have to run around for minutes wondering when the match will start. A 10-second countdown will appear as soon as all players are loaded into the game.

We've updated the Challenges, and we've added a new "Memory Shards" section for challenges that will run until the end of the season. Memory Shards will only be obtainable via these challenges now. This was done to allow players to unlock weekly memories in Team Deathmatch modes, and prevent issues with pre-closing of zones hiding collectibles.

Finally, we will also introduce a new 100-tier Battle Pass with all new cosmetic items, but there's a twist at the end: once you reach the max tier, you'll be able to level up past tier 100 by continuing to earn Battle Points from Scoring Cards, completed Challenges, Twitch Crowncast and opening Daily Gifts. Your level will appear on your nameplates, kill card and profile. Wear your level with a badge of honor!

We're excited for players to experience these new changes and look forward to even more updates in the full patch notes.

-The Player Goals Cell

Game Modes Update

Hyper Scape S3 Preview Pic5

Team Deathmatch has been one of our most popular game modes and we're grateful for all the great feedback you've provided us in order to make it even better. We've started by improving the level design and art for the three TDM maps:

  • Foundry
  • Hillside
  • Bus Depot

Another change we're making to Team Deathmatch is that there will be no more need to fuse your equipment to max fusion level anymore: fully fused loot will be made available from the start of the match. This change also applies to the weapon and Hack you start with.

A bunch of UI improvements were also made to the mode. We've unified and changed the UI colors and behaviors of the Match Feed widget, the TDM Scoreboard and squadmate colors. As previously mentioned, players will always be on the Blue team fighting against the Red Team when they play a TDM match.

In Season 3, Hyper Scape will be restructured to feature three always-on game modes:

  • Squad Crown Rush Squad -- 60 players, ranked
  • Solo Crown Rush Solo -- 60 players, unranked
  • Team Deathmatch -- 6v6, unranked

Finally, Arcadium, our free roam game mode, is receiving another batch of improvements and updates. You'll be able to explore the updated Neo Arcadia map with more than 200+ patrolling drones across the map. These drones will have red trails to make them more visible. The elimination sequence was changed to pod re-deployment instead of instant respawn. This will feel closer to the actual Crown Rush experience and you can tryout different drop points to perfect your hot drop playstyle! The hottest spot in town is going to be the Red Tiger, where loot will quickly respawn for every weapon and Hack. Go there if you want to try out every weapon and Hack the game has to offer.

-The Game Mode Cell

Marketplace Update

Hyper Scape S3 Preview Pic6

This season we're introducing a new category in the Locker called "Weapon Charms." These charms will attach to the side of your weapons. These will be purchasable from the Daily Shop and also obtainable in the new 100-tier Battle Pass coming this season, so make sure you check the shop often to not miss out on them!

To make sure players don't miss out the awesome cosmetics items that come in the new Battle Pass, we've added a dedicated screen when entering the Hyper Scape HUB showcasing some of the great loot you can obtain this season. You will be able to purchase the Premium or Hyper Battle Pass directly from that screen.

New Champions will also appear this season. One of our favorite is codenamed "Roller Girl," can you guess what she'll look like? We can't wait for you to see them all in their full glory!

The Daily Gifts have been updated: we've added 3 new additional items to the Regular Daily Gift as well as 10 new items to the Special Daily Gift. Keep logging in every day and collect them all!

-The Marketplace Cell

With everything we've learned so far since launch, we believe Season 3 will deliver the best of Hyper Scape. The team has been hard at work to offer you all these changes. We'll see you on March 11 when all the above updates will release, and more! Stay tuned for the full patch notes coming March 10.

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