August 11 2020


Welcome to the Hyper Scape, Contender. To ensure the best experience for all users, Prisma Dimensions requires you to adhere to this Contender’s Code:


Help us keep Neo Arcadia clean! Prisma Dimensions has a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech, harassment, and threats. Excessive aggression towards your fellow Contenders will invite repercussions.


Crown Rush Champions play with honor. Users violating game rules, or using unauthorized code, will be swiftly banned. We encourage you to continue being part of the Hyper Scape by respecting its conditions.


Team communication improves win probabilities. You agree to collaborate with squad mates, including (but not limited to) answering pings, assistance requests, and in-game messages.


The Hyper Scape is built by you, our valued users. Prisma Dimensions counts on you to report disruptive behavior through the Player Reporting Tool.

© Prisma Dimensions 2054. No part of this document may be reproduced via neuralink or other platforms without the express permission of Prisma Dimensions Sàrl.

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