October 7 2020

Hyper Scape: Bug Reporter Tool

Alongside the launch of Season 2, we’re excited to introduce the new Community Bug Reporter tool for Hyper Scape! This online tool allows players to easily submit, contribute, and validate bugs they encounter while playing.

Transparency is important to us, so it’s especially exciting that this tool will help to break down barriers between players’ experiences and the development team. This means making it easier to share bugs with the team and allowing them to highlight what they’re actively working on resolving.

To start, let’s look at two of the tool’s key features:

Community Bug Reporter Features

Dev Picks – These issues are selected by the development team to actively highlight issues we would like more information about or to highlight issues that are top priorities for the team.

Display All Issues – Here, you can view all reported issues. Searching through here can be useful to make sure you don’t report an issue that has already been reported.

Reporting - How To

To get started reporting bugs:

  • Visit the Bug Reporter site.
  • Log into your Ubisoft account.
  • Click on “Report an Issue”.

Bug Reporting Best Practices:

STEP 1: Always search for your issue to see if it has already been reported.

Step 2: Create a clear title for your bug that is short and easy to understand.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate category that the issue falls under, the frequency of how often the issue appears, and which platform(s) you have encountered it on.

Step 4: For Steps to Reproduce, be sure to be as accurate and detailed as possible. These steps are immensely helpful in investigating the issue.

Step 5: Please provide any workaround(s) that you have been using to help temporarily fix the issue. Additionally, please provide any evidence of the bug that you can capture.

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