August 11 2020

Twitch Extension Wiki

Welcome to our Wiki about Hyper Scape Crowncast, the Twitch Extension for Hyper Scape! You will find all the information needed to engage with your viewers and have a great time.

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1. What is Hyper Scape Crowncast?

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How it works:
It is an innovative Twitch extension that allows Streamers and Viewers to interact with each other: on top of the core game experience, Hyper Scape Crowncast is adding extra engagement options.
Here is the guide to install & activate it.

When you activate Hyper Scape Crowncast, the extension installed on your Twitch channel allows your viewers to vote for events and check out your match stats & loadout! They can also join your squad and progress their Battle Pass by simply watching you on Twitch.

There is also a new exciting feature called Kudos. It allows Twitch viewers to send visual celebrations during a match so they can showcase their appreciation and excitement. Kudos can be purchased in the extension and – on top of the visual effects displayed on-screen – also grant extra Battle Points to the viewers.
This new feature is described in more detail below.

This should give viewers a great time, as well as offering your Twitch channel even more engagement opportunities, more watch time and potentially even more followers & subscribers too!!
But most of all, it’s a great way to help streamers build a strong Twitch community with Hyper Scape.
The new Kudos feature can increase the revenue earned by the Streamer, as well as the progression speed of Viewers.

We hope that the game - and its Twitch extension - will give you a great time, no matter what drives you: watching, streaming, playing… or all three at the same time! And keep sending us feedback: we’ll improve it over time with your suggestions in mind.

Benefits for Twitch Streamers:

  • Fun & convenient features to interact with your viewers
  • Engagement, where viewers can impact your match and check your loadout while you play. They can also progress their Battle Pass by simply watching your stream. And you can invite your viewers into your squad, in order to play with them
  • Revenue via subscription incentives: viewers get extra benefits when they interact with you and subscribe to your channel. Their votes count triple and Streamers can organize sub-only Squad invites. Kudos also give an extra incentive to Viewers to support their favorite Streamers, by spending Twitch Bits on Twitch channels that have the extension enabled.

Benefits for Twitch Viewers:

  • Interaction: more ways to engage with the streamers and impact their matches
  • Progression: viewers can progress their in-game Battle Pass by watching Hyper Scape streams that have the extension enabled.
  • Extra rewards when you support your streamers by subscribing to their channels (when voting for events, a subscriber’s vote counts triple!). And you can join sub-only Streamer Squads if your streamer decides to limit entry to subscribers only. Finally, viewers can also earn an in-game exclusive Champion outfit by granting access to the extension.
  • Kudos grant viewers an additional way to progress their Battle Pass more quickly, as well as supporting and encouraging their favorite streamers.

Individual features:

  • Kudos: Twitch viewers can send visual celebrations to their favorite streamer’s screen, in exchange for Twitch Bits. These are cosmetic visual effects that do not impact gameplay.
    Each Kudos has a specific price, rarity and associated visual. When viewers send Kudos during the match, they also get rewarded with extra Battle Points, which are not capped by the daily maximum amount.
    *Note that in order for Streamers to enable Kudos in the extension, the Twitch channel must have reached the rank Affiliate or Partner. Otherwise, the feature will be disabled.

Screenshot S01 Kudos

On top of granting individual Battle Points to whoever sent Kudos, an extra progress bar was added in the Kudos tab. It’s called the “Community Score”. This bar has 3 thresholds and fills up whenever a Kudos gets sent. Once a threshold has been reached, extra bonus Battle Points get sent to all the viewers watching the match! This bar resets every match. So Kudos are a great way to encourage Streamers, get rewarded for it and share your excitement with the rest of the Twitch community.

  • Progress your Battle Pass: Twitch viewers get a scoring screen at the end of each match.
    This score contributes to their in-game Battle Pass progression. All they need to do is to link their Twitch & Ubisoft accounts, grant access to the extension and click the ‘CLAIM’ button at the end of each match when watching an extension-enabled Hyper Scape stream on Twitch.

Screenshot S01 BattlePass

There are 5 types of interactions displayed on the Twitch extension “Match Rewards” screen.
These all contribute to the viewers’ Battle Pass progression:

  1. How many events you voted for during a match
  2. How much time you watched a match
  3. How many consecutive days a viewer watched a match
  4. How many Kudos were sent, which contributes to the Community Score
  5. If the viewer owns the Premium Battle Pass

Note 1: there is a daily cap that viewers can reach if they watch Hyper Scape streams over longer periods during the same day. Once this limit is reached, the viewers will no longer earn Battle Points for their Battle Pass. This daily cap is reset after each day.

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  • Streamer Squad: Twitch viewers can get a chance to join the squad of their Streamers.
    When prompted in the extension, viewers can apply to join a squad. The Streamers will then be able to select individual viewers and invite them into their squads. This is handled seamlessly by the extension and you don’t need to add anyone into your friend list. Please note that by requesting to join your Streamer’s squad, some information might be displayed publicly: your Twitch & Ubisoft usernames, as well as your subscription tier (if any) and your latency. This information is displayed on the Streamers’ screen, in order to help them select the right squadmates.

Here are all the invitation filters available to a Streamer:

  • Twitch & Ubisoft usernames
  • Subscription tier (none, tier 1, tier 2 or tier 3)
  • Ping

To invite their viewers into their squads, Streamers must go in the ‘PLAY’ portal and select the ‘STREAM’ tab. Then, they must install/enable the extension and click on the tile called “INVITE VIEWERS”. Once the invitation has been sent, all viewers will receive a notification on the extension, on order to join the Streamer’s Squad.

Note 1: the Streamer Squad feature is only available for the game mode “Crown Rush Squad”.

Note 2: the viewers must have the game installed & running on their PC, if they want to join their Streamer’s Squad. Otherwise, a message will be displayed, explaining that the viewer can’t join.

Note 3: once the Streamer has selected up to 2 viewers, the other viewers are notified that the Squad is full.

Note 4: if the viewer’s ping is too high, the option to join will not be available. A message will be displayed to inform the viewer that his/her ping is too high.

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  • Unlock Full Access: In order to benefit from the new features above, the extension needs to know the Twitch and Ubisoft accounts of viewers.
    That’s why – the first time a viewer loads Hyper Scape Crowncast – the extension will ask to grant access & link their accounts, in order to unlock the full range of features available. This step is optional and viewers can still vote for events and check out the Stats tab without it.
    As an extra reward, the Twitch extension will offer an exclusive Champion outfit after completing the 2 steps to unlock full access. This outfit will be granted in the in-game inventory of each viewer, once they have completed the two steps. You find it & equip it in your in-game locker.

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  • Vote for Events: viewers can impact the game by voting for 9 different game-wide events that affect gameplay in real-time for all Contenders:
    * 4 events are common and can be played in a match at all time:
    * 5 events can only be played if there are Twitch viewers currently watching the match:
    These events are triggered at regular intervals during a match of Hyper Scape (3 of them are picked randomly for voting every time). Twitch viewers then get 45 seconds to select 1 event. And at the end of the voting period, all votes are compiled and the event with the most votes is played in the match.

Note 1: as an additional reward for your most engaged followers, we gave a bit more weight to the votes from your channel’s subscribers (tier 1, 2 or 3). A vote made by your channel subscriber will count triple.

Note 2: if there are several streamers inside the same match, their respective viewers’ votes get pooled into one single batch of votes.

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  • Stats: viewers can see which weapons & hacks the streamer is carrying at any given time in the match (Loadout). They can also see the streamer’s current match status, with the percentage of sectors that have closed so far, as well as the number of eliminations & the match rank of the streamer.

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2. New to streaming?

[HYP] News - Twitch Wiki - Studio1

You are discovering Twitch and Live Streaming for the first time?
Think you could be a good Hyper Scape Live Streamer? Eager to give it a try?
Here is some information to help you start your channel!

Watch the video tutorial made by the NGON team:

To recap NGON’s video, here is what you need to start streaming:

In order to broadcast live on Twitch, please note that you need some basic equipment: a computer, a microphone and an Internet connection. In general, the better & faster your equipment, the higher quality your Stream will have!

Twitch channel
You also need a Twitch account, in order to stream your content. This is free and can be done over at
Simply choose your username (wisely) as this will be the name of your Twitch channel.
(For example, if you chose the username HyperScape, then your Twitch channel will be called

Broadcasting software
Once you have your basic equipment, you will need a broadcasting software in order to live stream. There are several tools available and it’s up to you to pick whichever you like the most.
Don’t hesitate to compare them and ask other streamers for advice.
If you’re new to streaming on Twitch, we recommend using Twitch Studio, since it’s free and powerful, yet very easy-to-use for new Streamers. Download Twitch Studio.

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Once you have installed your broadcasting software, you need to configure it properly.
If you’re not sure how to do it, the team at Twitch created this extensive guide.
Your steps to set it all up should include :

  • Scenes & overlays (for the visual aspect of your channel).
  • Setting up your stream resolution & quality.
  • Linking your Twitch channel to Twitch Studio.

Start streaming
Once the setup and equipment steps are done, you can start broadcasting on Twitch and build your audience!
Keep an eye out for your viewers’ expectations, start building your community and don’t forget to engage with them.
Good luck and - most importantly - have fun!

3. Frequently asked questions

I encountered an issue and I need help with the Twitch Extension
Head towards our Troubleshooting guide, it lists all the most frequent error messages & issues encountered by other Streamers.

Why is there sometimes a delay for Hyper Scape Crowncast to be detected in my stream/game?
On rare occasions, there can be a delay between Hyper Scape Crowncast and the game servers. If this happens, this usually resolves by itself after a few minutes. If it doesn’t, please check if you have set a delay in the configuration page.

Does Hyper Scape Crowncast work on Mobile?
The Twitch extension Hyper Scape Crowncast is now available on the Twitch app, for iOS and Android cellphones.

Streamers can install and enable the extension in their channel dashboard, like they normally do.

Viewers will now be able to use the extension on any extension-enabled stream on Twitch.

Most features will be available to them when they hold their cellphones in the vertical format: the live stream will appear on top and the extension will be displayed below it.

Viewers can enjoy voting for events, watching their Battle Pass progression, looking at the Streamer's stats and applying to join a Streamer Squad. The only feature not available on mobile is the Kudos one.

Enjoy and let us know how you like the mobile version of Hyper Scape's Twitch extension!

Do I need a Prime membership to install Hyper Scape Crowncast?
No, it’s open to any type of Twitch streamer. You don’t need a Prime membership to get access to Hyper Scape Crowncast. All you need to do is to install, activate and configure the extension on your Twitch channel (which is all free).

Do I need to be a Twitch Affiliate/Partner to install Hyper Scape Crowncast?
No, it’s open to any type of Twitch streamer. You don’t need to be an Affiliate or a Partner to install Hyper Scape Crowncast. We welcome all types of Streamers, including the new ones! All you need is a Twitch channel.

How much does Hyper Scape Crowncast cost? Do I need to pay anything to use it?
No, Hyper Scape Crowncast is free, for both streamers and viewers.

Will Hyper Scape Crowncast be updated over time?
Where can I share my suggestions with the development team?

We are planning on improving Hyper Scape Crowncast over time.
To share your suggestions with us and propose new features & improvements, we have several social media channels listed below. Please send us your constructive feedback there!

Are you sending updates or emails about Hyper Scape Crowncast?
Yes, we will share updates & improvements about Hyper Scape Crowncast on our social media channels. We are also sending regular newsletters.
In order to receive these emails, you must opt-in in the Ubisoft ‘Privacy and Communication’ settings of your Ubisoft account.

What are your social media channels?


My issue is not listed in this article.
You can contact our Support agents here.

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