August 27 2020


Starting today, Hyper Scape will be hosting a new “Twitch Drop of the Week” program with new Drops coming each week through the remainder of Season! On Thursday-Sunday each week, we will have a new in-game item available first through Twitch Drops. The great news is that this Drop is enabled across the entire Hyper Scape game category.

Meaning that during this period, anyone that has their Ubisoft and Twitch accounts linked and is watching a Hyper Scape streamer who has enabled drops on their channel will be eligible to earn that drop.

If you are a streamer, all you must do is link your accounts and enable drops on your channel.

This first week’s Drop is the Epic “Mister Red” Salvo Weapon Design pictured below. But be sure to log in each week to find out what the new Drop is

HYPE News Weekly Twitch Drop MisterRedSalvo 960x540

Some more details about the “Twitch Drop of the Week” program below:

  • Planned for the remainder of Season 1.
  • Twitch Drops of the Week will be enabled every Thursday from 10 AM PDT to Sunday 11:59 PM PDT.
  • Twitch Drops of the Week will be enabled across the entire Hyper Scape game category.
  • Anyone streaming Hyper Scape that has their accounts linked and has drops enabled will be able to grant this item to their community.
  • Viewers must watch 20 minutes of Hyper Scape streams to earn the Drop.
  • Drops will not be delivered in real-time. will be delivered within 24 hours after meeting the 20-minute viewing requirement.

To take part of this program make sure you have your Twitch and Ubisoft accounts linked here:

Register for Drops here:

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