Hyper Scape’s Open Beta is available now, featuring a new hack, weapon, multiple game modes, CrownCast features, and store! Find out everything you need to know about the Open Beta!

July 12 2020

All You Need to Know About Hyper Scape’s Open Beta


Welcome back to the Hyper Scape, Contender! We appreciate all the excitement and passion you shared with us during the Technical Test. While we know some were not able to participate, the doors to the Hub are now open to PC players in even more countries! And with new players, comes new features for even more action-packed gameplay.

First, Prisma Dimensions has deployed the Harpy throughout Neo Arcadia. The Harpy is an SMG-based weapon that excels in close-to-mid-quarters combat. Use it to your advantage to quickly eliminate any opponents who are bringing the pressure.

Your weapon arsenal isn’t the only thing that has been upgraded. You will now also find the Shockwave Hack. Shockwave is a powerful AOE blast that can be used to push away rival Contenders and give you some extra breathing room while you secure the Crown.

The Hyper Scape CrownCast is also being upgraded! Our Twitch extension experience will now include two new features and a new way to shake up matches-in-progress:

  • You can now progress your Battle Pass by watching a streamer with CrownCast activated for up to 2 tiers a day.
  • Streamers can now directly (and easily) invite their viewers into their squad!
  • A new event has been added—Haste—that increases the game’s speed for all Contenders.

Additionally, the Open Beta will feature four game modes. Crown Rush Squad is returning with a permanent Crown Rush Solo mode. Crown Rush Solo has the same showdown rules as the Squad variation, except everyone is fighting for themselves. There will also be two additional Limited Time Modes to discover soon: Hack Runner Squad, and Turbo Mode Squad.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more information on these Limited Time Modes!

We are also opening the in-game shop for cosmetic-only purchases, purchasable with Bitcrowns. You can purchase Bitcrowns through the Uplay Store and unlock new cosmetics!

Finally, Prisma Dimensions has read your feedback all across the Hyper Scape. We thank you for your continued passion for the game and cannot wait to experience the Open Beta with you!

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