July 12 2020

Unlock More Battle Pass Rewards With Twitch Prime

Starting today, unlock an exclusive tier of Battle Pass rewards in Open Beta free with Twitch Prime. Link your account at the following link: https://twitch.amazon.com/tp/loot/Hyperscape

Earn up to six unique items including:

  • Level 4: Blue Baton Melee Weapon
  • Level 8: Thumbs Up Celebration
  • Level 12: Warrior Emblem
  • Level 16: Affiliate D-Tap Weapon Design
  • Level 21: Touch of Flair Deployment Pod
  • Level 26: Affiliate Ripper Weapon Design

Don't have a PC to play in Open Beta? Link your accounts and tune in to any Twitch streamer with the Hyper Scape extension live and earn XP towards the Battle Pass.

Plus you keep everything you earn forever - all items earned during Open Beta will carry over when Hyper Scape launches.

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