About Plant a Tree

Plant a tree in the game and help support reforestation

As part of the Playing for the Planet initiative launched by the United Nations, Ubisoft pledged to reduce its carbon footprint and encourage its communities to do more for the planet. Ubisoft Paris strongly believes in the power of games and is offering Ghost Recon Breakpoint players an opportunity to get involved.
We are launching this campaign to support Ecologi, a social enterprise dedicated to planting trees via the funding of climate projects. You can learn more about Ecologi here.

Plant a tree

Players will be able to complete a reforestation-themed riddle on a dedicated web page on the Ghost Recon website. The riddle provides hints to a location on Auroa where a unique seed can be found. After locating the seed in-game, players will be able to plant the seed and grow a tree that will remain permanently in their game world.

For each tree planted in the game until December 20, 2021, Ubisoft will give €0.15 to Ecologi, up to a maximum of €40 000, to finance reforestation projects with its partners. Based on Ecologi’s stated calculations, that’s the equivalent of one real tree planted for each virtual tree planted in Ghost Recon Breakpoint...

Upon planting the seed, players will receive an in-game gear patch representing a tree and the “Gardener” title to share their commitment to bettering the environment in-game. The planted tree and rewards will remain in the game even after this initiative ends.

Snow Woods Ghillie

Players can further support reforestation by purchasing the Snow Woods Ghillie Bundle, available for a limited time in the in-game store. It is an in-game lightweight ghillie suit made of fabric stripes, allowing the player to blend perfectly in natural landscapes. The suit includes a hood, top and pants, and is cosmetic only. It can be customized with any camo patterns owned by the player.
For each Snow Woods Ghillie Bundle sale, 5€ will be forwarded to Ecologi as a part of the Plant A Tree Initiative. The total amount forwarded to Ecologi will be disclosed after the campaign concludes on December 20.

Plant a Tree


Explore a mysterious notebook, dive into Auroa's history and find the hidden secret of the island

The Outcasts have a mission for you

Haruhi Ito, leader of the Outcasts, comes to you with a special request. One of her men, fallen in battle during Auroa's reconquest, carried a mysterious notebook.

<< It seems that he was about to discover something on the island, related to fauna and flora. I think it might help us create a hopeful future for Auroa. >>

She gives you the notebook. << See if you can understand what this means. >>


Explore the notebook to find the six codes that will unlock the mystery.

Arm yourself with a paper and a pencil, and start the riddles! Disclaimer: The puzzle is only available in English.

Download the Notebook (PDF)Download the Riddle Grid (PDF)

This notebook belonged to a member of the Outcasts.

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Need a Clue?

If you're stuck, here are some hints to help you find the solution by yourself.