July 15, 2020

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint Live Event 2: Resistance


Are you ready to take on your latest assignment? We’re not in Bolivia anymore, but your training there is about to come in handy. Teams of Outcast rebels have been seen scattered around the island of Auroa and they need your help to resist the encroaching Sentinel forces by launching their own counterattack!

Get started with this free live event available beginning on July 16 and running through July 29.


This new wave of resistance, led by the Outcast faction, has been recruiting massively from civilians on Auroa. Since Trey Stone has received word of their existence, he has become dedicated to stopping them at all costs. His plans have already resulted much destruction after he ordered an attack on one of the Outcast camps.

  • Haruhi Ito, leader of the Outcasts, wants to counterattack to show that the Outcasts are still alive and that there is still hope.
  • Here you will assist the Outcasts in their effort to save prisoners, attack sentinel outposts, and stop convoys looking for survivors. Your aid is critical to securing their safety.
  • From the start of the Live Event, you will be able to participate in nine faction missions to assist the Outcasts and earn exclusive rewards along the way.


Completing missions and assisting the Outcasts will bring you one step closer to receiving exclusive rewards for this event.
Get moving, Ghosts – the first 14 rewards will no longer be accessible after the Live Event ends!

  • Earn up to 15 new exclusive items during the whole Live Event period, including customization items, gear, weapons, attachments, and more.
  • Clearing missions helps to fill your Resistance Strength gauge and increases the Rebel presence in the world, which in turn will lead to increasing faction warfare between the Outcast rebels and Sentinel forces throughout Auroa.
  • Also, as the gauge fills and more missions are completed, rewards are earned.
  • The 15th and final reward, the Strike Designator, will be equippable and usable once completing all available Live Event missions, even after the event’s end.
  • Replaying already completed missions will not fill the gauge further, but all nine missions will be replayable even after the event ends.


  • Take note that Rebel presence in co-op mode may vary as levels are based on the lowest warfare level in your squad. If you’re noticing a reduction in the level of Rebel activity, it’s because we want to make sure this is a fair fight, Ghosts.
  • While Rebel warfare is ongoing, you may notice that the Azrael system has been halted temporarily in order to gain performance. If you need the Azrael drones to be functional at any point during the Live Event, Rebel warfare can be deactivated in the event pass.

Make sure to drop by the official Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint forums or the community Reddit to share your thoughts and feedback.

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