October 27, 2021



We are glad to share with you the list of some of the major bug fixes and general game improvements that will be implemented alongside the Operation Motherland update deployment on the live servers. Additionally, patch notes for the Title Update 4.1.0 is also available.

If you are expecting to see a fix that is not listed below, please be aware that this is not a comprehensive list of all fixes and updates to TU 4.1.0.

Community-reported bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where co-op players could experience different Golem Island layouts in the same session.
  • Fixed an issue where teammates would keep shooting even if the target was dead.
  • In Cooperation mode, fixed an issue where players wouldn't receive the same amount of XP after killing a Behemoth.
  • Fixed an issue where the M4A1 Survival Iron Sight was offset.
  • Fixed an issue where the M1911 Promise would shoot higher than where the sight was aimed /aim was inaccurate.
  • Fixed an issue where the Strike Designator’s special reward banner was popping up every time the world would reinitialize.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gunslinger Perk was not working on raid bosses after the Amber Sky Maintenance.
  • Fixed an issue where destroying Ogre and Incubus drones using Armor Buster wouldn't update the Sharpshooter class’s objective ”Destroy Drones using Armor Buster.”
  • Fixed an issue where audio logs couldn't be replayed.
  • In Cooperation mode, fixed an issue where several Golem Island exploration missions wouldn't share the same progression between all players.


  • Base jump:
    • Fall damage now applies normally if you jump and touch the ground without deploying the parachute, instead of instantly killing the main character.
    • Distance and height conditions to trigger base jump have been lowered to allow more base jump opportunities.
    • Jumping is now triggered by holding A (or X) when heading toward a cliff instead of pressing A at the right time.
  • Sliding:
    • Sliding was tweaked to trigger less often.
    • In moderate slopes, sliding is only triggered if the player sprints.
    • It takes slightly longer for sliding to trigger when conditions are met.
  • CQC:
    • Slope-specific CQC animations have been tweaked to happen at more slope angles and should happen more frequently.
  • Laser:
    • Some lasers now feature an IR Illuminator, activated when aiming, that will be visible only when wearing NVGs.
    • The IR Illuminator doesn’t impact NPC detection.
  • Weapon sounds rework:
    • M4A1, G28, and TAC50 unsilenced and silenced firing sounds have been modified.
  • Vehicles and drones:
    • Both have received a global optimization and some visual updates, including updates on water drops, dust, scratches, and mud effects.
  • Global optimization on all weather effects. Various issues linked to the weather system have been fixed, including a major issue causing the weather scenario to repeat itself during two consecutive days.

As the list may be subject to further modifications or additions, make sure to check back in on November 2 for the full list of fixes and improvements coming in TU 4.1.0!

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