March 5, 2024

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Legacy Pass FAQ

For Honor Year 8 Legacy Pass FAQ

We're excited to introduce the For Honor Year 8 Legacy Pass! The Legacy Pass offers players a chance to access previously released Battle Pass content from past seasons. For example, in Y8S1, you will be able to purchase or continue your progress in the Y4S1 battle pass which was our first. The same logic applies to subsequent seasons, with each new season featuring the corresponding past battle pass. This offer will be released on March 14th 2024.

Below, we address some common queries regarding the For Honor Year 8 Legacy Pass.

What is the For Honor Legacy Pass?
Since the introduction of the Battle Pass in For Honor, they have been available for a limited time and no longer accessible after a season. In Year 8, we are introducing the Legacy Pass, which is a Battle Pass that has been released in previous seasons that will return for the upcoming season during Year 8.

What if I bought the Legacy Pass in the past?
If you bought it in the past, then great news for you! You'll be able to continue your progression from exactly where you left off.

Is the Legacy Pass part of the new Battle Pass?
No, both passes are different, but your progression will happen at the same time. The Legacy Pass is now part of the Battle Bundle.

Is there anything new about the Year 8 Legacy Pass compared to when it first released?
Yes! There is a special 101 tier that includes all retrofitted content for heroes that were not part of the Battle Pass at the time.

Does the Legacy Pass expire?
Just like the current Battle Pass, the Legacy Pass will be available for a limited amount of time and will no longer be accessible at the end of the season.

Can I progress the Legacy Pass after it expires?
You will not be able to progress the Legacy Pass after it expires, as a new Legacy Pass will be released in the following season.

How do I view the Legacy Pass? in-game?
Open the Battle Pass menu and press [LT] to toggle between passes.

Will the Battle Point Boost from the new Battle Pass affect the Legacy Pass?
No, each pass will have their own Battle Point Boost.

What are the different offers?
There are three different offers of Battle Passes:

  1. Battle Pass: $9.99 USD / €9.99
  2. Legacy Pass: $9.99 USD / €9.99
  3. Battle Bundle: $24.99 USD / €24,99

What is the Battle Bundle?
The Battle Bundle unlocks the new Battle Pass, the Legacy Pass, 25 tiers for each pass, + 20% BP Boost for both passes. Note that if there is an Event Pass, the 20% boost applies to it, too.

Does the price of the Battle Bundle decrease if I want to purchase it, but already have the Legacy Pass?
No, the Battle Bundle price remains unchanged if you already have the Legacy Pass. However, it still provides its regular benefits, as in previous years. For more information on the Battle Bundle, its description is located above.

If I bought the Battle Bundle previously for the Legacy Pass and I buy the new Battle Bundle, do I get to unlock 25 more tiers?

Do I need to buy the new Battle Pass to buy the Legacy Pass?
No, Both Passes can be bought separately.

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