October 19, 2023

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Warrior’s Den Recap – October 19th

It's Halloween in Heathmoor! In our Halloween Edition of the Y7S3 TU2 Warrior's Den livestream, we went over the spooky new content coming to For Honor in the upcoming title update on October 26th. In case you missed it, or want to refresh your memory, this recap article has you covered.

For more details we suggest checking out the VOD of our Halloween Edition Y7S3 TU2 Warrior's Den Livestream.

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Theater of Bones - A Limited Time For Honor Halloween Event

The rules of the Ghost Festival were broken by poor warriors. Now the malevolent White Bone Spirit has risen from the lower realm to snare their souls. In twisted celebration, the ghastly creature is hosting a theatrical performance where the trapped warriors are forced to take part in the story. Warriors will have to face the White Bone Spirit's illusions, as she prepares to feed on their very souls. But the arrival of a surprise guest may change the fate of all...

From October 26th to November 16th, warriors can take part in a limited time unique Halloween PVE game mode event "Theater of Bones". Players will fight alongside Monkey King Wukong to defeat the menacing White Bone Spirit and save her captives. Also available during this period will be a free event pass filled with treats to be unlocked.

Monkey King Wukong Shaolin Hero Skin

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For Honor Y7S3’s hero skin drastically transforms Shaolin’s silhouette and design to embody a hero of legend, the Sun Wukong, made famous by the epic “A Journey to the West”.

Sun Wukong was a hero of legend known as the Monkey King. Eons ago, he stole the peaches of immortality from the gods and crashed down from heaven. Intending to share the fruits’ power with his fellow monkeys, Wukong was punished for his crimes. After spending centuries imprisoned in a mountain, he has now been freed. Devoted to protecting the people who can’t fend for themselves, the Monkey King has followed the trail of a terrible evil to Heathmoor.

Y7S3 TU2 Armor Variations

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This season players can expect new armor variations for the Knights and Samurai factions. Also releasing this season are Sets 5 A&B for Highlander.

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Patch Notes

For those of you dreaming of a "Barracks Sorting Filter", our latest title update on October 26th will be a treat for you. For more information on changes coming to For Honor, please check back on October 26th for the patch notes. For Dev Team comments on all the changes coming, we recommend you check out the VOD of the Y7S3 TU2 Warrior's Dev Livestream.

This was a brief overview of everything presented in our latest Warrior's Dev. If you are excited about For Honor's limited time Halloween event and want all the details, we encourage you to check out the VOD on our Twitch channel. Our Halloween event will begin next week on October 26th and last until November 16th. Looking forward to seeing you all on the battlefield!

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