December 12, 2019

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Community Spotlight: Streaming and Forging Friendships with NikkiDuh

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For this month’s Community Spotlight, we had a chat with NikkiDuh, one of our most active streamers, and learned, amongst other things, about her amazing victory at E3, her dedication to parrying well, and her charity stream for the Embrace Oregon Foster Care foundation!




**USERNAME - **NikkiDuh

**SPECIALTY - **Streaming


**FACTION - **Samurai

**CURRENT MAIN - **Sakura

FAV MOMENT - Playing FH on stage at E3

Twitter Twitch



What’s the meaning behind your username?

I just thought it was a fun and sassy way to say my name. Like, “I’m Nikki, duh”. It was NikkiDuhGames for a few years but I decide to drop the games because it made my username super long.

How and when did you discover For Honor?

I watch E3 every year and that’s where I saw the For Honor demo. I think it must have been 2016 or 2015 E3 but it blew me away and I preordered it ASAP. I played the beta as well! I fell for it the second I saw the executions. They were so gruesome and the fact that your opponent couldn’t skip them and had to watch was even cooler. It was definitely the most challenging game I had come across but that made it even more satisfying when I did well.

Which faction do you belong to?

I’m an OG Samurai and Hitokiri is my girl – Sakura is a bad b*tch! Before her it was Nobushi!



What made you want to be a part of our community?

When I started streaming For Honor, I was very warmly welcomed into the community. I had streamed many games but almost none of them had communities that were close like this one was. Everyone knew everyone, everyone was willing to play with me even when I was a noob and wanted to help me get better.

What other hobbies do you have? What do you do outside For Honor?

Outside of For Honor I have a Boxer, Sam, who is 3, and a Pomeranian named Ben, who is 5. They are a handful to take care of but I love them so much! I also really enjoy snowboarding, playing just dance and watch lots of anime, such as Food Wars, Attack on Titans, FullMetal Alchemist, Death Note… I could go on forever. Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z were my first loves though.

On which social media do you feel most comfortable sharing your passion with the community and why?

I think I prefer sharing on Twitter because of how active the For Honor Twitter is. It’s easy to retweet things and tag them and find other content creators. I have so much love for so many For Honor content creators! Freeze and LightBoogey are a couple of my favorite YouTube creators, the time they put into helping others learn the game is incredible. A few of my favorite Twitch For Honor streamers would be all the creators I’ve met at For Honor events, like Hefinex, CrazyMike2021, TheZealousEllis and MystaKyle. All of them are super entertaining and inclusive in their streams, which I think is important for the community.



What’s your favorite For Honor moment/story?

Hands down my favorite For Honor moment was my E3 experience. I had previously been on the Warriors Den and wasn’t happy with my performance. I was then invited to go to E3 with For Honor and play in the show matches. Not only did I get to play live on stage in front of an insane amount of people, but my team won all 3 days. I was ecstatic and felt like I was able to redeem myself for my previous unsatisfactory performance!

My second favorite moment was learning to parry. My boyfriend Clam and I both play For Honor but I never took the time to understand parrying and the effectiveness it has against your opponent. One day I had had enough so me and Clam 1v1’d in customs for several hours until I learned how to properly parry and I'm forever grateful. Talk about a game changer!



How did you get into streaming?

I’ve always been a home body but a few years ago it kind of excelled into being a complete hermit. Other than my dogs and my boyfriend I didn’t really have any socializing. One day he got a new job where he was gone during the day which left me pretty lonely. I joined a female competitive Overwatch team and some of the girls I met introduced me to Twitch and I was hooked immediately.

How often do you stream?

I usually stream for about 5 hours, 5 days a week. I chose this schedule because it used to line up with my old job as a bartender and have stuck with it since leaving that job, it works best with my community and IRL life.

What’s your favorite thing about streaming For Honor?

Definitely the community. I’ve met some of my best friends from streaming For Honor. I’ve also gotten other people to try For Honor who now love it and it feels really rewarding knowing I introduced someone to a game they’re now invested in and we can share together!



What was one of your best For Honor streaming moments?

My favorite streaming moment was from 3 years ago. It was my first ever charity stream benefiting children in foster care during the holidays. I spread it out over a week of fund raising with different incentives everyday but we completely crushed the goal on day 1 ($200 was the goal for the entire week) and ended up raising over a $1000 by the end. As a kid I spent several years in foster care, so this cause was extremely close to me. We now do charity week every December benefiting the Embrace Oregon Foster Care foundation. So many happy tears!

How do you deal with haters and toxic players?

I definitely have seen the toxic side, but I refuse to let a few bad apples represent the entire community. In my opinion there’s more positivity than toxicity, it’s just about who you chose to surround yourself with. Yes, I definitely have felt my fair share of toxicity. Female streamers in general I think get scrutinized more so than others but also being one of the few lady For Honor streamers can bring extra heat my way at times. FH is a competitive and personal game so more times than I can count I’ve had someone tell me any successes I’ve had are only because I’m a woman. I understand comments like these come from people who don’t know me or the time I’ve put into the game, so I don’t let them bother me.

Thanks for taking some time with us. Any last word for the community?

I just would like to thank the community for all the friendships that have come my way. I want to thank Duh Hood especially for providing a positive and accepting space for every gamer.

We hope you enjoyed this month's Community Spotlight.

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